Kawaii-fy Your Christmas - 5 Cute Tips

Next month houses with be filled with tinsel, trees, wrapping paper and fresh baking. With all the festive jolly of Christmas, there are a few ways to make your Christmas more Kawaii. 

Kawaii Christmas tree! 

There are a few simple ways to decorate your Christmas tree in a cuter way! Buying Fairy lights/Christmas lights in pink is a easy and cheap way to do this. Christmas lights are available from a variety of places from eBay to even the Pound shop on the UK high street. If you have figures such as My little ponys or Carebears on a keychain, you can hang them on the branches of your tree. eBay also has Kawaii christmas tree decorations such as the picture to the right where you can buy them here. Buying pastel tinsel is also an easy way to add more effect to your christmas tree. You can also find Kawaii tinsels such as this hello Kitty tinsel.

Decorate your house with Kawaii Christmas plushies 

You can never have too many plushies and with Christmas coming up, its a perfect excuse to use them Christmas themed plushies for decoration. You can buy the Olaf plushie to the left on ebay for a low price (It depends on the size you want) Arpakasso's are also avaliable with christmas or winter adds which would be perfect to create a Kawaii christmas feel. You can buy some herehere and  here

Decorate your house with snowflakes 

Snowflakes are a cheap but cute way to decorate your house. If your feeling creative you can make them out of pastel pieces of paper such as plain pink or if you want to adventure more, try making them out of Kawaii paper which feature your favorite characters such as Rilakkuma or Hello Kitty. You can find a lot on eBay under "Kawaii paper"If you don't feel like making them yourself, you can also buy plain ones from eBay. 

Kawaii wrapping paper

Another way to add Kawaii to your house this Christmas is to wrap your presents in Kawaii wrapping paper. Not only will it be likely to make your friends and family happy with special wrapping paper

Tofu cute offers kawaii wrapping paper here

Choice a Kawaii advent calendar 

Advent calenders are a common sight this time of the year however besides the chocolate buttons, you can also get ones with a Kawaii picture on the front. 

From UK high street stores such as Pound Land or even Morison's, you can buy Hello Kitty or Frozen Advent calenders which will add a Kawaii touch to your house. 

You can also buy a MLP advent calender from Amazon which features toys from the toyline. 

Other fun, Kawaii ideas: 

Don't forget to fill Christmas with fun memories with your friends and family. Christmas is about sharing time with your loved ones as well as giving and receiving presents.

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  1. CUTE SUGGESTIONS!!! Let's make this Christmas KAWAIIIIIII *over-excited* Linked this post on my Twitter ^_^ http://twitter.com/spookyruthy

    1. Thank you. Glad you enjoyed it!❤ 。◕‿◕。

  2. Kawaiii! Your blog is a very big influence in some of my posts on my own blog! (stellar-dolly.blogspot.com) Love you guys! <3

  3. I suppose this is just a message to say thank you for writing such an amazing blog that i seriously love reading. Every post you write makes me smile. You are so fabulous. I really wish i had read this around christmas though, so much cute stuff here :) I love tofu cute wrapping paper :)

    I recently started blogging myself, been blogging now for a month so mine is still a baby.
    If you could take a look i would seriously appreciate it.


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