Review Time: Tofu Cute Sponsored Review

Tofu Cute is an adorable online store based in the UK which sells a variety of cute and tasty things! They have three major sections to their store:
Lifestyle- which has everything from cute miniatures, to little bento design sets.
Stationary- which has adorable puffy stickers, Pens 
Snacks- They have everything from DIY candy making kits to range flavours of Pocky!

There is truly something here for everyone!

Tofu cute is a store I've adored for years now, from the first time I saw them at a convention I fell in love with their cute designs and wide selection of goodies. Tofu cute has really inspired me over the years and is one of the reasons I set up this blog.
Tofu cutes philosophy is to stay young at heart and allow fun items to inject positive energy into your everyday life! A saying that I strongly believe in and proudly love to promote through this blog.
But although this is a sponsored review I will be extremely honest about my opinion, though I have no complaints on the items my feedback on them is 100% genuine.

I'm extremely excited and happy to have been allowed to have been sponsored by them for this post. They sent me many adorable and cute items to review.
What I received from them:



Everything was safely packed and arrived super quickly, and they included the cutest sticker on the tope of the box with their address on!

Kawaii Macaron Decora Sponge stickers

These stickers could melt anyone's heart. They're so sugary sweet looking and not only that they're 3d stickers and are soft and squishy to the touch. They're also really bold and not faded, which I've sadly had with previous stickers from Asia, but these are extremely vivid.

I have no clue what I will do with them since I think they look so cute just in its packet, though I might decorate my 3DS with them? What do you guys think you'd do with cute stickers and what would you put them on?

Either way I can't wait to use them, their design instantly caught my eye on the website and was Something I definitely intended to buy in the future.

Glico Japanese Pocky- Super thin Gokuboso

I've never been a massive fan of Pocky, I've only ever
mildly liked it. I've always found there was either not enough coating or too much of it. The super thin Pocky was so nice it changed my whole view on Pocky, it had the perfect ratio for me of pretzel stick and chocolate. Also just because its thinner doesn't mean you get less product since it comes in two small packets(which gives you a lot of Pocky) you can eat your fill and save lots more for later.

Meiji Apollo strawberry chocolate cones

I've been desperate to try this product for awhile and was actually my min priority to buy from the store so I was so happy when they included this I the review pack. It sounded delicious on the website but I never imagined how delicious.

 Even unwrapping the film off the box released this fruity aroma which reminded me of the scent of fresh strawberries. And the taste did not disappoint!
The box design is so cute too, I was a could have miniature versions as hair clips or broaches? And since the box smells so tasty I'll be sad to throw it away.

~The pattern on the flap is so adorable~

Kawaii Bear And Bunny Dress Up Bento Set

I couldn't believe they sent me something so large and cute to review! I never even imagined I'd own this item yet here it is. If the packet itself doesn't make you feel warm inside then I don't know what will.
The box had adorable designs and even the instructions were adorable.  everything was really high quality (none of that flimsy breakable plastic that some kitchen utensils are) and didn't have that odd mechanical smell which is always a plus!
I will be doing a in depth review post/ cute bento post soon so please look forward to that!

Review summary!Shipping: N/A - The items were extremely quickly dispatched after discussing over emails and arrived really quickly too, it only took about 3 days to arrive which was really good. I never paid for the shipping but I know that Tofu cutes rates are really good, its only around £2.50 shipped within the UK, and if you spend over £20 then your shipping is free.

Products: 5/5 - I can't even express how much I love every single item I was sent. I sat down with my mother for about 20 minutes admiring the adorable contents of my parcel.

Price: N/A- Since it was a sponsored review I never had to pay anything for the items but I know that Tofu cute have amazingly good prices for what they sell. These are really nice items from Asia which have to be shipped a very long way to get to the UK and they still manage to sell their items at a very reasonable price

Quality: 5/5 Everything was sturdy, vividly printed, and highly delectable. There was not a single fault with any item and everything was as described on the site.

Over all: I really do love this store, I've brought from them for years at conventions and they just extremely lovely to buy from, they stock some adorable things (I mean Hannari tofu are my favourite thing in the entire world and a store which has its design based on tofu is more than just amazing).


I'm so happy that I've been able to work with I store I really love and hopefully you've enjoyed this review and feel more confident to visit

So what do you guys think, would you buy any of these items? What are your top 5 dream items from Tofu cute?

Comment below if you have any questions and what you think about this review ö◡ö ✿
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Review Time: Lindalicious jewellery

Although it's extremely so delayed I'm finally able to present you my Lindalicious Jewellery Review!

She gave me some extra items for free to review. she gave me so many an loads in which I really wanted too. And the packaging was not only fast and secure, but adorable too!

(here's the super cute packaging!)

(Here is everything laid out!)

 (and everything in the next three pictures were freebies to review)

I adored everything, it was all really good quality stuff and just look how perfect everything is? I had no idea she'd give me this much, you can see just how wonderful a seller she is @u@

Store info
The store is a store envy shop which specialises in cute/kawaii styles.
The store is based in the Netherlands
Her Facebook page: Here
Her web store: Here

They range from cute pixel-styled jewellery to little cute accessories that only pictures can describe.
Everything is super affordable and you can find some really popular designs in her shop for extremely low prices.

Worn pictures

(The Pixel bow necklace, Lolly pop ring, skull ring and the black skeleton ring)

(Doll melty pixel necklace, Blue rocking horse ring, and tea cup ring)

(Doll necklace and Orange girl ring)

(My favourite ring which I had hanging by my bed because I wear it so much and forgot to take a worn photo-opps)

Review summary!

Shipping: 5/5 - It came super quickly, was adorably wrapped and was extremely padded out and safe (it also has MLP Stickers on the box)

Product: 5/5 - I'm in love with everything she sent me, everything is so beautiful and

Price: 5/5 - Everything was so adorable, some stores seriously over charger but this store was selling everything extremely modestly.

Quality: 4/5 The necklaces look like they may break easily but I've been wearing them for weeks now and they've been fine. everything seems to be extremely study except one on my rings, which eventually broke (the cameo ring). But I can just glue the cameo back onto the ring so no big deal

Over all: I really love this store, Extremely cheap prices, lovely product and a lovely seller. Definitely a store I'll be coming back too!

Here is a link to the Lindalicious Store:

Here is a link to the Lindalicious Facebook page:

Thank you for reading! <3
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