False lashes

Today's article will help you with fake lashes. Lashes come in a variety of styles and thickness so picking the perfect pair might seem like a challenge! 

Fake lashes help create a large, doll-like eye affect just like circle lenses. 

Here's a step-by-step guide to putting on lashes:

1. Get your lashes out of your box/holder
2. Carefully place a small amount of Eye lash glue onto the lash
3. Wait for the glue to dry 
4. Once the glue has slightly dried, work out where your going to stick it (Always stick it just above your eyelashes, and not on them) to create more of an affect a lot of people stick them on in the middle so it makes the lashes extend your eyes. 
5. Slowly stick the lashes onto your desired location. 
6. Correct the outsides of the lashes
7. Wait for the lashes to stick while lightly pushing them down onto your eye lids. 
8. Carefully get the bottom lashes (You will want to use thinner lashes for the bottom!) 
9. Place the thinner lashes on your bottom lashes.
10. There you go, your eyes now have the kawaii Doll-like style. Use mascara to add more affect!

Since some Japanese eye lash brands make their eye lashes able to use multiple wears, eye lash cases are made to carefully store your lashes. 

In Japanese stores there are countless isles filled with Fake eyelashes.  

It is also easy to buy fake lashes in the UK. High street stores such as Primark supply lashes. 

Fake eye lashes can also be found on a variety of websites such as eBay which has a good collection of new, un-used Japanese lashes for reasonable prices. 

Diamond Lash

Diamond Lash is a popular, well known Japanese eye lash brand used by a variety of people including Gyaru's and Lolita's. Click here to go to the offical website. You can buy Diamond lash from a variety of stores however here a few, honeycolor

The next Japanese eye lash brand is dolly wink  by Tsubasa Masuwaka (More info about her below) Dolly wink has also had eye liners brought out however they are mainly known for the lashes. Click here to buy them.

Tsubasa Masuwaka is a Japanese Model who is mostly seen in the Gyaru scene including varies magazines including Popteen. As well as starting up Dolly Lash, she also has her own brand of make-up, called Candy Doll. Tsubasa has also debuted as a singer under the stage name Milky Bunny.  

Here is a Otaku/Lolita youtubers video on how to wear fake lashes like a Japanese model: 

Here is a tutorial by a Japanese fashion model showing how to use fake lashes for a doll-like eye effect.

Types of lashes
Lashes come in a variety of thickness's and styles. 

The sizes and types vary from each eyelash company however below are typically the thickness's you can get.

The styles are also different. You can get Natural which is usually seen and have no special features however you can also get special things on the lashes such as gems and bows. Link to the lashes below. 

Lash glue will sometimes come in the box however sometimes the glue runs out or is not supplied. Try searching "Eyelash Glue" on eBay. If you have sensitive eyes you should check with your doctor if you can use the glue you have. 

Other stores for lashes
Hime castle
eye candy
kawaiib store

That's it for today's article. Do you wear false eyelashes and where do you get yours from?

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  1. I recently bought twinkle lash cool eye which I love! I wanted sexy eye but they sold out before I got them :( I'm waiting on another style from them to arrive, so they're my fave right now! opheliaofharts.blogspot.co.uk

  2. Hey guys! Love the blog post, i think I would die without my falsies! :3
    Just letting you know you wrote "Use massacre to add more affect" instead of "use mascara to add more effect" :') Massacre is a very scary word! haha <3

    1. So glad you like it! <3 Indeed it is pretty scary! Thanks for pointing it out, it has been corrected! :3

  3. I believe that not all women are blessed to have long eyelashes and what they do is they buy false lashes and put it in their eyes.

  4. Hey guys! Love the blog post, i think I would die without my falsies! :3
    Just letting you know you wrote "Use massacre to add more affect" instead of "use mascara to add more effect" :') Massacre is a very scary word
    fake eyelashes


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