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Everyone is raving about this super-cute idol, that almost every kawaii girl wishes they could be! But just who is she? And what's her story?

Young Kyary before gaining fame

Kiriko Takemura is Kyary's real name, and she was born on January 29, 1993 in Tokyo. She is most famously known of course by her stage name Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. She is now both a Japanese model and J-Pop recording artist, not only famous in Japan, but all over the world for her out-there fashion sense and spectacular live shoes and music videos.

Kyary performing at Japan Expo 2012

Her image is centered around Japan's kawaisa and decora culture, which originates from Harajuku, a neighborhood Tokyo, famous for its fashion trends. Kyary has admitted that she was actually born into a strict family as an only child. Her parents weren't big fans of her outrageous dress sense, and in her autobiography Oh! My God!! Harajuku Girl, she talks about how she would often have to sneak out with her outfits hidden in a bag, then change into them later, so her Mother wouldn't find out.

Kyary's journey began as a fashion blogger, and she later became a professional model for Harajuku fashion magazines such as Kera! and Zipper. After gaining sizable fame, Kyary collaborated with the Eyemazing company to produce a line of fake eyelashes called " and also began appearing in local fashion shows.

Kyary modelling in KERA! Magazine

Kyary explains that her stage name came from originally wearing blonde wigs to school, and after that, a friend began calling her "Kyari" (a phonetic Japanese spelling of the Western name "Carrie") and the name stuck. Kyari also took dance lessons at a young age, and expresses she always loved to dance.

 In July 2011, Kyary released her first promo single "PonPonPon", and explained that Gwen Stefani, Christina Aguilera and Katy Perry were here inspirations at the time. The music video for "PonPonPon" a bright, fun and almost psychedelic tribute to kawaisa and Decora culture, became a viral hit, which then led to it being reported on by MTV and even The Huffington Post. Kyary was catapulted almost instantly into super-stardom.

 PonPonPon Music Video

Since her huge success with "PonPonPon", which made Japan's top ten and has now became known as her signature song, the singles Candy Candy and Fashion Monster have followed.In 2012 she released Pamyu Pamyu Revolution, then in late 2012, Kyary announced her first world tour. The world tour, titled 100% KPP WORLD TOUR 2013. It began in February 2013 and lasted until June, visiting the United States, England, France, Belgium, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Hong Kong, and  Japan. She then released the Nanda Collection in June 2013.

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is known to speak very little English and often has a translator when she is giving interviews overseas or doing meet and greet sessions during post concerts. However, she has been studying English and currently has been speaking to the audience in brief bits of English on her U.S. world tours. Since her debut in 2011, Kyary's music has been exclusively produced by musician Yasutaka Nakata from the electronic music duo Capsule, who also produces music for Perfum.

I love grotesque things. My concept is scary things that become traumatic with their cuteness. There are so many 'just cute' things in the world, so I add grotesque, scary and even shocking materials like eyeballs and brains to balance out the cuteness. ~ Kyary Pamyu Pamyu; interview with The Fader

She is also rumored to be in a relationship with Satoshi Fukase, from the band SEKAI NO OWARI. From the middle of 2013, many news sources started publishing pictures of her and Fukase together walking and holding hands.

As part of  her up upcoming Nanda Collection World Tour she will again be performing here in the UK in London, for more info and ticket links see this link on Kyary's official Facebook page. Thanks for choosing Kawaii-B and stay tuned for more!

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