Review Time: Lindalicious jewellery

Although it's extremely so delayed I'm finally able to present you my Lindalicious Jewellery Review!

She gave me some extra items for free to review. she gave me so many an loads in which I really wanted too. And the packaging was not only fast and secure, but adorable too!

(here's the super cute packaging!)

(Here is everything laid out!)

 (and everything in the next three pictures were freebies to review)

I adored everything, it was all really good quality stuff and just look how perfect everything is? I had no idea she'd give me this much, you can see just how wonderful a seller she is @u@

Store info
The store is a store envy shop which specialises in cute/kawaii styles.
The store is based in the Netherlands
Her Facebook page: Here
Her web store: Here

They range from cute pixel-styled jewellery to little cute accessories that only pictures can describe.
Everything is super affordable and you can find some really popular designs in her shop for extremely low prices.

Worn pictures

(The Pixel bow necklace, Lolly pop ring, skull ring and the black skeleton ring)

(Doll melty pixel necklace, Blue rocking horse ring, and tea cup ring)

(Doll necklace and Orange girl ring)

(My favourite ring which I had hanging by my bed because I wear it so much and forgot to take a worn photo-opps)

Review summary!

Shipping: 5/5 - It came super quickly, was adorably wrapped and was extremely padded out and safe (it also has MLP Stickers on the box)

Product: 5/5 - I'm in love with everything she sent me, everything is so beautiful and

Price: 5/5 - Everything was so adorable, some stores seriously over charger but this store was selling everything extremely modestly.

Quality: 4/5 The necklaces look like they may break easily but I've been wearing them for weeks now and they've been fine. everything seems to be extremely study except one on my rings, which eventually broke (the cameo ring). But I can just glue the cameo back onto the ring so no big deal

Over all: I really love this store, Extremely cheap prices, lovely product and a lovely seller. Definitely a store I'll be coming back too!

Here is a link to the Lindalicious Store:

Here is a link to the Lindalicious Facebook page:

Thank you for reading! <3
Comment below if you have any questions ö◡ö ✿

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