The Story Behind Kawaii-B

This blog and the rest of Kawaii-B's sites are run by Abbie Roberts (abi-kawaii). But, we also have many other cute contributors whom you can find in the contributors too!

Kawaii-B was first of all created in order to spread the love of kawaii fashion and culture - to bring people together and help others learn all about it!

I wanted to create the go-to place for everyone who loves kawaii fashion and japanese culture! I have always been fascinated by Japan and its culture, including it's fashion!

Since its birth in November 2013, Kawaii-B has evolved in all sorts of ways and will soon be launching its own clothing brand too!

I work hard to try and keep all our pages running and full of cute and useful things, but I have a full time job too so it can be pretty hard! I do have some other lovely people who help by writing articles here on our blogger, but other than that I run it all! Our website, our forum, our facebook... everything!

My philosophy is, everyone can join in the fun of Kawaii! Our forum is a great place to make friends if you want to meet others who love the things you do! And if you want to get involved with Kawaii-B please just get in contact!

Find Our Other Sites

Our forum is a great place to chat and meet new people. It easier to use than facebook groups, and allows private messages to be sent too. We have a special section (members only) where you can even find other kawaii fashion lovers in your locality. 

You can find just about everything on our website. Our store which is opening soon, along with useful resources, event information and much much more. 

Work For Us

If you love kawaii culture or fashion - and you are a blogger, photographer, designer... or just about anything else, why not get involved and work for us? We are always looking for passionate individuals to help spread the love of kawaii fashion and culture around the world. We already work with many talented bloggers, designers and people just like you!

We are currently looking for : Bloggers to write about events in the UK, bloggers from outside of the UK, photographers .. and more! 

So if you are passionate about kawaii and want to get involved with one of the biggest online communities around - Get in touch by emailing kawaii-b@outlook.com or use the contact form below:

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