All About: Otome Kei

What is Otome Kei?
The word "Otome" means "Young lady" in Japanese. 

This street style has an feminine, cute look, focusing on dressing like a young lady as the name may suggest.

Lolita's occasionally change to dressing in Otome since there are no strict rules or guidelines to follow.

Otome is often mistaken for Casual Lolita. However there are a few differences

This graph from the FyeahOtome tumblr blog shows what makes an Otome and an Lolita oufit, so its easier to tell if your co-ord is more Casual Lolita than Otome.

Click here for inspiration

Each outfit is unique to the wearer. Otome is more about the feel you get from the outfit than the actual clothes.

A few Brands:

Emily Temple Cute , MilkJane MarpleShirley TempleMiss patinaMulberry chronicles

Items from Lolita brands and offbrands can

 easily be incorporated into an Otome outfit.

What’s the difference between otome kei and lolita fashion?

In Lolita a petticoat is required to make the shape of the bell skirt, and create the distinctive look. However Otome is more toned down and there are fewer rules to what makes an outfit Otome kei, giving the wearer more freedom.

An Otome outfit can also include trousers, colours can be mismatched or matching, the feel of the outfit is more comfortable, while still looking cute and 


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