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♥Kogal is a subculture of gyaru fashion that focuses on Japanese school fashion. Kogal is typically seen with loose socks,a shorted skirt and often dyed hair. While they used to have a bad reputation, popularity of the fashion sub-culture has recently increased

The term "Kogal" comes from Kogyaru which is short for 
Kokosei (High school) Gyaru (Gal or Girl)

The hairstyle which is mostly seen is curly in natural colours such as 
dark brown,light brown, blond or black.

Big doll-like eyes, slightly blushed checks and pink lips.The typical Kogal makeup involves typical Gyaru makeup.Fake eyelashes are put on the outer corner of your eye with a fake eyelash line which is done by drawing a line with your eyeliner that slightly extends your 
natural eye length.Sometimes a fake tan is also used.Fake eyelashes are usually cut in half to add more of a doll-eye effect. 


For tops there are two different styles.A western style with a shirt (White, pink, blue e.t.c) 

and tie or a bow and sometimes a vest or a more tradional Japanese style with a sailor styled top known as a "Seifuku" (Sailor Fuku) as seen in the picture to the left. The bows come in a variety of colours and a variety of patterns including checkered and spotted.

A shortened, pleated, checkered skirt is usually used, matching the colour of the bow or tie.

White, lose socks is normally used 
however you can also see tattoo tights or thigh high socks being used.

As for shoes traditional Japanese school shoes are usually used 
however pumps and boots can also be seen. 

While other bags are seen, Randoseru (Japanese elementary school bag) and the traditional Japanese school bag which you can see above. 
TIP: you can also find them on eBay! 

Lucypop (Japanese uniform brand)
lawrarashop (Bags, Uniforms,shirts,sweaters,socks, ties and ribbons,shoes)
Bodyline (Uniform section)
cosmates (Cute uniforms)
Lunatu (UK based makeup store) 
Hong-Kong-Beauty-Store (eBay makeup store)
angel paopao (Taobao store)
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Warning: be-careful on tumblr- it would be best if you kept security on when searching kogal
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