Kawaii Easter Ideas

♥Hiya, Kawaii fans. How are you spending Easter this year? Comment below! Its Easter weekend and to get in the Easter spirit here's three easy ideas on how to have a Kawaii Easter! 

1.Easter themed coords - for Lolita there are a wide variety of prints featuring spring animals including Bunnys and Chicks which would be perfect for a Easter coord. Many Japanese brands have also brought out spring themed accessories.
Even if your not a Lolita you can make a Kawaii Easter themed coord.One easy way to make a Kawaii Easter Coord is using Bunny ears as hair accessories with your coord of chose. Below are two examples of Kawaii Easter coords with two different styles.
Source: kiki-myaki

2. Egg decorating. 
Decorating Easter eggs is one of the most common Easter activities so why not get out the paint or pens and decorate your own egg. Pastel colours and your favorite Kawaii character.
3. If you like to cook you can also make kawaii bunny treats. 
They're cute to look at, gets you in a Easter Spirit and taste great.
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