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Last week I had the chance to do some shopping in Glasgow, something which I rarely get to do so I always stock up on clothing. And this time was no different!
As I got so many things I’m breaking my haul blog into three parts and as the title suggests here I will be showing you what accessories I got. And also telling you where I got them so you can own them too!

All items shown are from the high street and very affordable! Shown are cute things from Primark, Topshop and H&M!

I saw these super cute things for my nails as normally I am very lazy and they never look cute. I’m going to try harder on them!
The packs of false nails are from Primark’s beauty section and were only £1 each so of course who could resist?! They have many other styles but these two were my favourite!
Topshop has a section with tons of colours of nail polish and so many of them are pastels! I spotted this pink one for £6 and decided it was perfect! They had on a special offer where they would apply a beauty product for you to try out so I had my nails done then proceeded to ruin them while shopping….

Next up is the perfect products for baby cute pink lips! First it a cute almost clear glitter lip gloss from H&M for only £1 and I love it! It’s not just the right amount of glitter for my liking.
Then is a lip gloss crayon from Primark. Sadly it was barely pink and more clear but did give a nice gloss effect. And for £1.50 it is pretty good.
And my new favourite lipstick is this one from Topshop for £8 and is called Innocent. It is a lovely pink colour! Sadly I couldnt get decent swatches of it so I’ll post a good swatch from online below!

Source: Sophia Lau

Finally I got both of these in H&M for £1 each!
The collar is so cute! It has a clasp at the front and little pearls on it. And the A of course stands for Aya and is an iron on that I hope to put on one of my jumpers!

So this concludes the first part of my haul! Stay tuned for footwear next!


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