Review Time: Pinky Paradise's own range Princess Pinky Eclipse

Today's review is for Pinky Paradise and for their new own brand. This was actually quite exciting to see a lens distributor now work on their own brand of lenses. Hopefully more of these companies will look into this in the future! And well I'm quite impressed I have to say. 

The first range was called Princess Pinky Eclipse and I decided to go with violet as well I love purple lenses!
You can purchase these lenses here. Since getting mine they have also released a second range called Radiance.

Shipping: - ★★

Once decided they told me between 14 and 25 working days for shipping arrival. And they arrived in about a week so it was great! They were wrapped all securely and came with a cute little animal case and some hair velcro (which I always have alot of fun with >>....)

The Lenses:

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal

Top: No Lenses
Middle: One in, One out
Bottom: Both in


Style: -★★
I love this design, while it's simple it's ridiculously pretty and I love the shade of purple

Comfort: - ★★★★
I have no problem with these at all taking them out after 8 hours and my eyes weren't even really that dry!

(This is for the overall look on the lens against my eye colour and fit)
I won't lie....I don't think this range is 100% suited to light eyes. Because they are quite transparent it didn't give quite the "eclipse" effect it's meant to on my greyish eyes. I loved that the colour was subtle but I think I'd prefer a slightly more opaque lens

I do however recommend these lenses! Especially if you have dark eyes so please check out the range here and help support all cool lens distributors as maybe one day they will all have their own unique lines!

A close up shot and some shots of my face to show how they look overall!

All photography credit to the wonderful Jemma Stovell http://www.jemmastovell.co.uk She was great to work with and an absolutely wonderful photographer so please go check her out and support her works!

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Kawaii-B all about: Shironuri

♥What is Shironuri?

Shironuri means "Painted in white" and as you can guess, the fashion is about having a white, ghost-like face as inspired by Geishas. The style can also be known as 'Shiro Mamba' which is the reverse version of the style Yamamba (Which is about having a heavy fake tan)The style is about being unique with your clothes and makeup. One of the most famous Shironuri artists is Minori who attends varies fashion events and creates her own clothes and style for Shironuri.  

The most important part of Shironuri style. White foundation (Either liquid or cream) is applied first, followed by white powder which makes the white face look. Eye makeup is made up in a fantasy like way with different colored eye lashes and extreme accessories such as flower petals that can easily be stuck on with fake eyelash glue. 
Above is a tutorial on how to do Shironuri makeup
Any hair color can be used with the style however the wigs are normally used and  teased to create a puffy effect. Hair length normally ranges from chin length to the waist. 

Shironuri is more about experimenting and being unique with the clothes. Although traditional Japanese clothes such as Kimonos are often used, with Shironuri it is really easy to express your personality with your favorite colors and accessories. As long as you have the a pale, white face you can easily mix it with different styles as you can see below.
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How to wear Bold and Bright Cutely

Colours!!! They're dark or light and even vivid. When it comes to wearing clothes bold and bright there's always the fear of looking like a traffic light or just plan weird. Never fear!!! You can wear bold and bright and still look immensely cute. It's all to do with complimenting colours with the right amount of accessories with a complimentary hairstyle. 

Best area to start is by looking at the colour wheel. Combing colours it's good to look at complimentary, split complimentary and triad colours. 

Complementary Colours

The complementary colours are the colours which are directly opposite from one another on the colour wheel. Complementary colours are contrasting and stand out against each other. Often it is a good idea to use a complementary colour as the hightlight colour, as described above.

Split Complementary Colours

Split complementary is a colour and the analogous colours to its complement colour. Using split complementary colours can give you a design with a high degree of contrast, yet still not as extreme as a real complementary colour. Italso results in greater harmony than the use of the direct complementary.

Triad Colours

Triad colors are three hues equidistant on the colour wheel. When you want a design that is colourful and yet balanced, a triad colour scheme might be the way to go.

Knowing how the colour wheel works out buying and putting together an outfit shouldn't be a problem. It's easy to find bright bold coloured clothes. Even if they're plain a visit to the craft store could help to solve your problem of making it as cute as possible. There are many UK sellers who customize clothes and loads of UK stores that deal with bright bold and cute clothes such as Kiss Me Kill MeRoxie Sweetheart and Cyberdog.

Make sure to compliment your outfit with cute bracelets, hair bows/clips, earrings and such. The most important thing that anyone who chooses to wear anything bold or bright should remember is that they should be confident and remember that your outfit should reflect your cuteness. 

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Kawaii Easter Ideas

♥Hiya, Kawaii fans. How are you spending Easter this year? Comment below! Its Easter weekend and to get in the Easter spirit here's three easy ideas on how to have a Kawaii Easter! 

1.Easter themed coords - for Lolita there are a wide variety of prints featuring spring animals including Bunnys and Chicks which would be perfect for a Easter coord. Many Japanese brands have also brought out spring themed accessories.
Even if your not a Lolita you can make a Kawaii Easter themed coord.One easy way to make a Kawaii Easter Coord is using Bunny ears as hair accessories with your coord of chose. Below are two examples of Kawaii Easter coords with two different styles.
Source: kiki-myaki

2. Egg decorating. 
Decorating Easter eggs is one of the most common Easter activities so why not get out the paint or pens and decorate your own egg. Pastel colours and your favorite Kawaii character.
3. If you like to cook you can also make kawaii bunny treats. 
They're cute to look at, gets you in a Easter Spirit and taste great.
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Kawaii-B All About: The Wonderful World of Lolita

Lolita fashion, its a world of magic and wonder, lace, petticoats, frills and bows. From the outside it can seem both mysterious and memorizing. This hugely popular sub-culture from Japan has spread all over the world in recent years, and in this article we will be exploring it, in order to teach you more about the wonderful world of Lolita!

Sweet Lolita Style
What is Lolita Fashion?
Lolita is a Japanese fashion trend, with most of its famous sub-cultures as we know them today, originating from the streets Harajuku (the best known location for street fashion in Japan). Over time, its popularity lead to it developing into its own lifestyle sub-culture, online and offline communities, and even its own association (Japan Lolita Association headed by model Misako Aoki) and today has spread all over the world, being enjoyed by girls in almost every country across the globe. 

Lolita, is predominantly famous for its intricate, high quality garments, cute designs and doll-like outfits. Lolita clothing is greatly inspired by the Victorian and Rococo eras, but started life as a fashion which focused on modesty, and the quality of fabric and manufacture over it's style alone. As the style developed, it has taken on all sorts of styles and amalgamations.

There are many sub-styles of lolita including Traditional, Ami/sweet, Gothic, Hime, Guro and Ero as the main sub styles, and then others such as Punk, Pirate Lolita and some forms of Shiro-Nuri as less popular spin offs. Lolita is worn by almost exclusively by females, but there is also a male version of the look called Ouji/Kodona. The movement of Lolita is thought to have started in the late 1970s when labels such as Pink House, Milk and Pretty (later known as Angelic Pretty) began selling clothes that would now be considered "Lolita". Shortly after came Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, and Metamorphose temps de fille.

Gothic Lolita
In the 1990s, Lolita fashion became better recognized, with bands like Princess Princess coming into popularity. During this time, the popular visual-kei rock band Malice Mizer's guitarist (and famous Lolita fashion staple) Mana caused a huge boom in the trend by wearing and publicizing the fashion, and creating his own brand Moi-même-Moitié in 1999, which subsequently became very popular with their fans. New brands and their intricate garments, began being adapting by wearers to their own style, driving sales and bringing online stores into the picture too. Lolita then continued to spread, eventually reaching the fashionistas in Harajuku, where it was again adapted further by youth fashion and culture there. From the streets of Harajuku, the fashion has been photographed and spread through fashion magazines and online blogs all across the world. Although there is still a shortage of larger Lolita clothing manufacturers outside of Japan, the style has grown hugely, and is now being catered for by smaller companies and handcrafters all over the world.

Classic Lolita

 The Name Lolita
Lolita the word, originated as a nickname used by the main character in Vladimir Nabokov's novel with the name name "Lolita" (1955), for another character, a young girl, whom he was sexually obsessed with. However, even though that is the origin of the word, this original definition does not apply nor have anything to do with Lolita fashion. Lolita fashion is also not to be confused with the term lolicon. Lolicon is also another reference from Vladimir Nabokov's book "Lolita". Lolicon is a word used by the Japanese to refer to sexual attraction to underage girls. 

Because of the words origin, the term "Lolita" can be a confusing one for anyone who doesn't know much about the fashion itself. And even thought the word "Lolita" originally has a sexual meaning, the word "Lolita" when used to describe fashion, is not related to anything sexual at all. The fashion term Lolita is generally believed to be a result of wasei-eigo (meaning Japanese words that are borrowed from English and twisted by Japanese use), and not a direct reference to the book. The origin of the term in a fashion sense is unknown, but it's thought the Japanese found the word "Lolita" cute sounding, so they adapted it for the fashion.

While some adaptions of lolita fashion such as Ero can be more sexy, most who follow Lolita fashion strive for the opposite, aiming for a very modest look that is elegant, cute and feminine, with most if not all skin besides the lace and neck and hands covered, and often wearing bloomers and layers of petticoats. Lolita outfits are also sometimes confused with costumes, because they are so unique looking, but this is not the case. Lolita is simply a fashion style of dressing, just like Punk or Goth, or any other style.

Lolita Lifestyle and Meet-Ups
While many just just enjoy Lolita as a style of clothing, some like choose to lead a Lolita lifestyle as well. Often called "lifestyle Lolita" they usually dress daily in the fashion, interact with the local Lolita community and take part in what might be called "feminine hobbies" such as baking, sewing or embroidery.The lifestyle of a Lolita also calls for Princess like behavior and morals. Kindness to others, a gentle demener, politness and good etiquette with every day tasks are all important when it comes to behaving in a Lolita type fashion.

Community is a huge part of Lolita fashion, and all kinds of Lolita embrace and enjoy both Lolita and other types of kawaii fashions by attending kawaii and J-culture events across the UK. Lolita communities often arrange themed meet-ups to bring Lolita fashion lovers together; often holding picnics, tea parties and special dinners. Some groups meet up at boutiques or kawaii stores. One of the most famous Lolita events of the year is Enchanted (Held in London, organised by StreetFashionEurope). But there are many other smaller events organised all over the UK by smaller local communities. Many of them are organised through facebook,

Lolita Fashion In Detail
All variations of Lolita outfits are mostly made up of knee length skirts or dresses, puffed up with petticoats (or several) underneath as well as bloomers or drawers. Knee socks or coloured or patterned tights to conceal bare skin on the legs, a frilly blouse with puffed sleeves (normally worn underneath the dress or layered), shoes (usually mary Jane style, adorned with bows, youthful platforms for even wings) a cute often shaped handbag, and a whole assortment of accessories including large hair bows, headdresses and wigs.

Dress or skirt patterns usually include motifs such as berries, cute animals, carnivals or flowers, and outfits are colour co-ordinated in every way. The most popular motifs seen worn by Lolitas come from Angelic Pretty (some of which are replicated by other companies who sell lower quality garments) including Berry Garden, Fantasy Theater and Melody Toys. (Shown Below)

And to draw this article to a close, here are some of our favourite examples of Lolita fashion from Enchanted, as well as a whole heap of links we hope you will find useful!

Photo Credit: Marie Tuonetar
Photo Credit: Marie Tuonetar

Photo Credit: 4ilsa Tumblr

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