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♥What is Shironuri?

Shironuri means "Painted in white" and as you can guess, the fashion is about having a white, ghost-like face as inspired by Geishas. The style can also be known as 'Shiro Mamba' which is the reverse version of the style Yamamba (Which is about having a heavy fake tan)The style is about being unique with your clothes and makeup. One of the most famous Shironuri artists is Minori who attends varies fashion events and creates her own clothes and style for Shironuri.  

The most important part of Shironuri style. White foundation (Either liquid or cream) is applied first, followed by white powder which makes the white face look. Eye makeup is made up in a fantasy like way with different colored eye lashes and extreme accessories such as flower petals that can easily be stuck on with fake eyelash glue. 
Above is a tutorial on how to do Shironuri makeup
Any hair color can be used with the style however the wigs are normally used and  teased to create a puffy effect. Hair length normally ranges from chin length to the waist. 

Shironuri is more about experimenting and being unique with the clothes. Although traditional Japanese clothes such as Kimonos are often used, with Shironuri it is really easy to express your personality with your favorite colors and accessories. As long as you have the a pale, white face you can easily mix it with different styles as you can see below.
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