Review Time: Pinky Paradise's own range Princess Pinky Eclipse

Today's review is for Pinky Paradise and for their new own brand. This was actually quite exciting to see a lens distributor now work on their own brand of lenses. Hopefully more of these companies will look into this in the future! And well I'm quite impressed I have to say. 

The first range was called Princess Pinky Eclipse and I decided to go with violet as well I love purple lenses!
You can purchase these lenses here. Since getting mine they have also released a second range called Radiance.

Shipping: - ★★

Once decided they told me between 14 and 25 working days for shipping arrival. And they arrived in about a week so it was great! They were wrapped all securely and came with a cute little animal case and some hair velcro (which I always have alot of fun with >>....)

The Lenses:

Diameter: 14.5mm
Water Content: 38%
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Life Span: 1 year disposal

Top: No Lenses
Middle: One in, One out
Bottom: Both in


Style: -★★
I love this design, while it's simple it's ridiculously pretty and I love the shade of purple

Comfort: - ★★★★
I have no problem with these at all taking them out after 8 hours and my eyes weren't even really that dry!

(This is for the overall look on the lens against my eye colour and fit)
I won't lie....I don't think this range is 100% suited to light eyes. Because they are quite transparent it didn't give quite the "eclipse" effect it's meant to on my greyish eyes. I loved that the colour was subtle but I think I'd prefer a slightly more opaque lens

I do however recommend these lenses! Especially if you have dark eyes so please check out the range here and help support all cool lens distributors as maybe one day they will all have their own unique lines!

A close up shot and some shots of my face to show how they look overall!

All photography credit to the wonderful Jemma Stovell http://www.jemmastovell.co.uk She was great to work with and an absolutely wonderful photographer so please go check her out and support her works!

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