How to wear Bold and Bright Cutely

Colours!!! They're dark or light and even vivid. When it comes to wearing clothes bold and bright there's always the fear of looking like a traffic light or just plan weird. Never fear!!! You can wear bold and bright and still look immensely cute. It's all to do with complimenting colours with the right amount of accessories with a complimentary hairstyle. 

Best area to start is by looking at the colour wheel. Combing colours it's good to look at complimentary, split complimentary and triad colours. 

Complementary Colours

The complementary colours are the colours which are directly opposite from one another on the colour wheel. Complementary colours are contrasting and stand out against each other. Often it is a good idea to use a complementary colour as the hightlight colour, as described above.

Split Complementary Colours

Split complementary is a colour and the analogous colours to its complement colour. Using split complementary colours can give you a design with a high degree of contrast, yet still not as extreme as a real complementary colour. Italso results in greater harmony than the use of the direct complementary.

Triad Colours

Triad colors are three hues equidistant on the colour wheel. When you want a design that is colourful and yet balanced, a triad colour scheme might be the way to go.

Knowing how the colour wheel works out buying and putting together an outfit shouldn't be a problem. It's easy to find bright bold coloured clothes. Even if they're plain a visit to the craft store could help to solve your problem of making it as cute as possible. There are many UK sellers who customize clothes and loads of UK stores that deal with bright bold and cute clothes such as Kiss Me Kill MeRoxie Sweetheart and Cyberdog.

Make sure to compliment your outfit with cute bracelets, hair bows/clips, earrings and such. The most important thing that anyone who chooses to wear anything bold or bright should remember is that they should be confident and remember that your outfit should reflect your cuteness. 

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  1. Wore my new dress at a wedding and received a lot of compliments for it. Beautiful dress for a beautiful girl they say :-). It fits perfectly and looks good on me.


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