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Decora fashion is pretty much exactly what it sounds like ~ all about decoration!

Decora is just another interesting strain of Kawaii style, that so many girls (and boys!) are coming to love. And one of the great things about Decora is, you can't miss it!

Decora is all about showing off your personality and individuality through using all kinds of accessories. Whether that be lots of cute hair clips, wearing character bags or attaching plushies to your clothing... just about everything you can think of can fit into a Decora outfit.

Decora outfits also span all kinds of colour pallets, including Fairy Kei pastel colours, bright Pop Kei neons (in the photos above) and even gothic blacks and reds (below).

 So even though Decora outfits are all unique, they all have a few things in common. So what are the staples of a true Decora outfit?

1. Probably the biggest most known feature of Decora style is hair accessories ~ and lots of them! Using tones of hair clips is almost always a feature of a Decora outfit, below are some good examples of Decora hair styles, showing their chosen accessories. But it doesn't stop at clips. Sporters of Decora often attach small (and large) plushies to hair bands, add extra hair or wear wigs for huge volume, or add animal ears into their style. Nothing is too big or too bold in Decora! If it's physically possible to attach it to your head, why not!

2. Plushies, fluffy animals and characters bags and backpacks are often a part of Decora. If its not a plush or fluffy toy on their head or clipped to a skirt, it could be a hat or a handbag!

3. Facial stickers/plasters are also very popular. Hearts, stars and plasters on your nose are great for that extra touch of cute. Remember ~ if you need to use glue to make it skin safe! Eyelash glue is usually a good choice but always check the label!

4. Clashing colours and patterns. As said above, Decora is all about being bold and out there, so clashing neons, and busy patterns worn together are common place. The busier your outfit looks, the better!

5. Knee high socks! Bright knee socks are another popular accessory worn by Deco-girls! Here are a few examples! The advantage of knee socks, or even patterned tights is, they add a whole new colour/pattern scheme to your outfit just on their own! Contrasting socks work great too!

6. Even more accessories! Decora is by far one of the most unique and interesting Kawaii styles, because there are no boundaries! Making your own garments or accessories will add a more personal touch, and just about any accessory you like can fit into your outfit if you plan it right! So to wrap up this Decora master-class here are a few more examples of the amazing accessories seen on Decora girls!

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