Kawaii Interview Time ~ Tumblr Star Mahou Prince

Hello MahouPrince! We are really happy to have you with us today! You are a real inspiration for decora and fairy kei fans! The outfits you share are always so bright and fun! So, to start, tell us a little about you! 

And I'm so happy that you're interviewing me! Thank you so much~Im very flattered (◡‿◡✿)

Well! Hello everyone, I'm Prince~ I'm a 19 year old pastel kid that resides in the United States. I love bright and colorful street fashions like fairy kei, decora, lolita, ect and overall I just like to have a lot of fun ;A; I watch a lot of anime and read a lot of comic books and although I spend most of my time working I hope to be able to pursue fashion as a career one day c: Thank you all so much for being interested in this interview about me~~! ´ ▽ ` )ノ

1. Okay on to the questions! Where would you say your love of Kawaii fashion came from/started, and who is your biggest inspiration right now?

I think I would say my love of kawaii fashion really started with my love of anime... Or at least, that's really how I discovered it! I loved some of the cute outfits seen in a lot of popular anime and then my friend had introduced me into lolita fashion (it was all downhill from there! hah!). I was really curious so I read a lot of the Gothic Lolita Bibles and FRUiTS magazines and then ended up doing a school project on general harajuku fashion. I was really attracted to all of the colors and creativity and it just made me really happy.

Right now my biggest inspirations are Haruka Kurebayashi and a harajuku deco girl, Creamy Sauce! She has a really bright, fun style that's inspired me a lot in some of my most recent decora looks. I originally discovered her from Tokyo Fashion, but I also follow her on twitter~! 

2. If you were asked to explain what is so great about wearing Kawaii/decora fashion to someone from another planet, what would you say?

Oh what a fun question! Well first I hope that alien speaks English!  ╮(─▽─)╭

I think I would tell them that kawaii fashion is truly great because it spreads happiness wherever I go! All of the vibrant colors and cute accessories make me feel very magical- like I'm living in a fantasy world. I think at times life can get a little bland or boring, so these cute fashions really make living a fun adventure.

3. Can you tell us a nice memory you have linked to a particular outfit and why that memory is special?

You know, I had trouble picking a specific one because I have so many lovely memories paired with some super cute outfits- But I think if I had to decide on one I would pick one of my first few times wearing hime fashion~! Some of my friends and I got together for dinner at my favorite japanese restaurant to celebrate my birthday, and it was genuinely such a heart warming experience. To spend the evening with all of those cuties that I really care about made the experience so worthwhile~ It was also really cool because we are essentially all apart of different harajuku sub-fashions? (for ex: one friend was in a creepy cute decora look, my girlfriend was in lolita, I was in gyaru ect)
Oh and if you're wondering heres a couple photos of the look~ c;

4. What is your experience of other people within the Kawaii community?

I have met so many different kinds of people in the Kawaii Community! I'm happy to say that so far my experience with everyone has been almost all positive. Of course occasionally you'll meet people who don't just click with you, but besides that I've found myself meeting some truly extraordinary people and I'm really blessed to have made some strong friendships along the way. I think the most exciting thing about all of the different people is the fact that everyone brings something really unique to the community. There are so many different kinds of kawaii fashions and so many unique styles and it's a really great experience to learn and be inspired by the different people that I've met. 

5. If you had the chance to wear any piece of clothing/any outfit on earth, what would it be?

Oh gosh, anything on earth...? That's a lot of different options! Well... It may seem a little lame if I can really choose anything, but I would probably wear Vivienne Westwood's Melissa Winged Rocking Horse Shoes- in a heartbeat, actually! Even though they're extremely accessible (comparatively to some things, that is) I have so much trouble finding them in my size and they've been my dream shoes for years now! I would be so happy if I could finally own them~

6. If you had a super-power what would it be and why?

I've thought about this question a lot and oh gosh I have no idea. Could transporting myself into video games be considered a super power? Because if so I'd definitely love to do that ლ(́◉◞౪◟◉‵ლ)

7.Okay, so a little more personal. We and your fans understand you call yourself "genderqueer" (for those who don't know this means someone prefers to not be called he or she and feel more comfortable not in one or the other). For anyone else out there who might feel the same as you do, or thinks they might be "genderqueer" too, can you tell us a little about your journey?

Ah, yeah sure! Honestly if I were to discuss my full journey it would be way too long of an answer so I'll try to sum it up a bit! I guess growing up there was something that always felt a little... different. And truly it's hard to piece together with words, but for a while I just felt very out of place with my peers and I guess I felt out of place in my own body as well. And unfortunately as a kid there was never really a word for being genderqueer. Of course people were feeling similarly to me, but it wasn't until these past few years that I discovered my gender was really a thing (and I wasn't.. crazy?)- and it made me feel a little more comfortable, a little more safe. Essentially, I feel like as a child we're taught that there are two genders and gender is very black and white: male, and female. But with gender (just as sexuality!) there's a lot of grey area and I always fell in the grey area. 
There are many different branches and subcategories when it comes to nonbinary gender but personally for me I'm still a little grey. I definitely don't identify as female so to keep it simple I just have everyone use "they/them/their" pronouns when referring to me. 
So far all of my friends have been incredibly supportive and try their best to recognize my gender. There are definitely days when I feel defeated, but..! Just like many other things, my gender is simply another thing that I have yet to explore. There's no rush, and I'm okay with that. 

8. Has Kawaii fashion helped you? And if so how?

Kawaii fashion has helped me in many different ways, but when it comes to gender I'm not so sure. In the beginning to be quite honest, it really confused me further. I guess growing up in a traditional household I felt like only girls could appreciate such cute fashions... Well! Hah! How different am I now! Today I'm a huge advocate of the idea that all types of people should be able to dress in cute no matter what.
When it comes to other areas of my life though, kawaii fashion has made me more confident and has increased my self-love and self-worth.

9. What advice would you give anyone who feels they might be "genderqueer"?

First: What you're feeling is not wrong. You are not wrong. 
As I said earlier that was a huge issue for me in the beginning- I really just did feel wrong. A little crazy, even. But it's perfectly alright to be questioning your gender! If you're feeling like you might be genderqueer there is nothing wrong with exploring a little further and testing out your feelings. Nobody can really tell you if you are or aren't but it might help talking it out with a friend if you're not sure. And if you are sure and you know for a fact you're genderqueer, then hell keep doing what you're doing and be the fabulous person that you are ;3; You know, every single person is incredibly unique. And I don't want to sound too corny (although I know I've sounded amazingly corny in other parts of the interview already) but the cool thing about being human is that we're all born so different and we grow up to be such incredible individuals. It's perfectly fine not to fit in the gender binary. As long as you're being you that's all that matters.

10. Okay! Back to the fun questions! Favorite foods? And a food you HATE! 

I will eat literally almost anything (within my diet that is! I can't eat wheat or milk ;3;) but the one thing I cant stand are tomatoes please don't feed me tomatoes I may cry ;__; For my favorite foods though! I love tacos, tator tots, and thai red curry! It's really just a coincidence that everything happens to start with the letter 't' I don't know how that happened *o*

11. What's your favorite thing to curl up under a blanket and watch? 

Lately my go-to cartoon has been Bob's Burgers~! It always cheers me up~! But I usually end up curling under my blankets and rewatching favorite series like Paradise Kiss, K-On!, ect on a bad day ; u ;

12. What kind of things inspire you to create your amazing outfits/how do you put things together?

Right now I'm really into the kawaii sub-fashion mahou kei! It's a fashion similar to fairy kei but with more magical girl themes and so lately my biggest inspiration for my coordinates have been magical girls! I like to imagine what I might look like if I had a magical girl transformation and try to coordinate around that. ಥ⌣ಥ

13. If you had 3 versions of yourself, what careers would you follow? 

That's actually really ironic because originally during school I was trying to pick between three different majors- painting, illustration, or fashion design! I could definitely imagine myself going down either three of those paths- but If I was to choose 3 very different versions of myself... One would be who I am now pursuing fashion and illustration- another I think I would probably pursue floriculture and create vast gardens! And lastly I would probably want to be a baker and have a cute sweets shop ;A;

14. Do you have a favorite accessory out of all of your super cute stuff? If so what is it and why? (you can link me a pic) 

Oh yes I definitely do~! My favorite accessory is this huge bow I actually bought off of lolita sales! It's made by Candyholic but honestly I'm not quite sure if their shop still makes anything ;3; This is what it looks like~ (As a heads up: the photo actually does not belong to me! I only have pictures of me wearing it in decora so this is the photo that Cadney used when I purchased it from her. I hope that's alright!)But you'll definitely see me sporting it in almost all of my decora looks. Its so huge an OTT that it feels like it was made for me~! My most recent use of it was at Zenkaikon 2014 ;^;

15. Finally, what would you say to anyone interested in kawaii fashion/culture who might be nervous to start?  

To anyone interested in kawaii fashion~! I know it's definitely a bit scary to start, but I can honestly say these fashions have brought me a lot of joy. I think it's really important in life to pursue what will make you happy regardless of what people tell you because your own happiness is truly important! If you're too afraid to make a bold start you can always begin by slowly incorporating kawaii culture into your life one step at a time. And remember! Have fun with it~! Experiment with different things and find what works best for you. I'm not going to lie- you will definitely come across people that don't appreciate your style but at the end of the day it's your own opinion of yourself that matters. So~! Have fun! Be creative~ (and maybe a little crazy~) Never take yourself too seriously~~ (≧◡≦)

Thank you so much for answering, we can't wait to hear/see/and read more from you! Please continue to inspire us with your magical outfits! And speaking of which, here are a few more of Prince's amazing co-ords to admire! 

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Kawaii on the High Street - Part 2!

outfit 1

This outfit was designed with a 'sugary punk' theme in mind, hence the leather jacket and boots. Outfits in pastel tones always look cute! If you're on a budget, Matalan has an almost identical jacket for £30, which is 4 times less than the price of the jacket from River Island! Sports World also do some similar boots for around £20 if you don't want to splash out on some Doc Martens. Most shops will sell some form of acid wash denim shorts or skirts if you'd rather not pay £30 for the ones I've used.
Outfit 2

summer melody by xsugarycarnival featuring 

Can you get any more kawaii than Sanrio?! Uniqlo have a whole collection of women's tees dedicated to one of our favourite brand, filled with My Melody, Little Twin Stars and Hello Kitty! They also have an online website if there's not physical stores near you. Jelly sandals are super popular right now, so they also shouldn't be too hard to find. The bunny bag isn't strictly from the high street, but ASOS is a UK dealer, and it was too cute not to include!

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Kawaii Interview Time ~ Lovely Lolita Cadney

  Hello Cadney (Stephanie)! We are really happy to have you do an interview with us, thank you very much! First, please introduce yourself and tell our readers a little about you! 
You’re very welcome. I’m a 24 (soon to be 25!) year old Publishing student who works at a ballet school. I’ve been into Lolita for about 4.5 years, and I’ve been obsessed with Sweet and Angelic Pretty for the majority of those. I’ve just now begun to branch out more into other brands and substyles.
1.In a previous interview, you said your love of lolita fashion started with collecting ball joint dolls. What was it specifically about lolita that drew you to it as a fashion?
I’ve always been into cute, girly styles. I had a fleeting street punk phase, but dresses and pastel colours have always been my style passion. I also grew up watching Magical Girl anime, and I wanted to wear fashion similar to what I saw there, but didn’t know how! Or even if such a thing existed outside of cosplay. I was too shy to wear Lolita myself for awhile, so I started by putting the outfits on my dolls until my friends encourages me to try it out for myself.
2. You also said you plan most of your beautiful outfits in advance. What is the strangest/most memorable thing you can think of that inspired one of your outfits? 

One time I went to my local pacific mall and found a gachapon machine with cute plush octopi keychains in it. I won one pink octopus and one blue. I was very new to Lolita then, and I thought “how can I WEAR these little things” so I actually attached them to alligator clip bases and built a coordinate around the little octopi on my head. I’ve done this with little milk box plushies too, and I am sometimes tempted to do it with alpacas!
3. When you put together a special outfit, do you work on themes? What is your creative process?
Not themes so much as items. I think “I’d really love to wear this sash today” or “I really want to wear this dress, when was the last time I wore it?” I then lay it out on my bed and put some items down that look like they might go well. I experiment with different combinations this way.
4. You are of course, a kawaii ambassador for the Japan Lolita Association. Can you tell us more about it? Like how you got into it, what is involved in being a member, and how lolita can get involved themselves?
I was appointed as an ambassador by Misako Aoki when she visited Toronto for the first time last August. The Japan Lolita Association is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to raise awareness about Lolita Fashion across the globe. Our mission is to help interested newcomers get involved in the community. We’re also tasked with visiting other area of the world to network with the local Lolitas, and run/document events on behalf of the JLA in our community. It’s pretty self-guided right now. Misako seems to choose people that she trusts to be active and do a good job at spreading the word. When I was appointed, there were no applications – more like a community wide vote. But I’ve heard that the JLA was taking applications for an ambassador in a European country? So maybe they’re changing the process, or the process may vary. 
 5. Following on from the last question, you must have met some famous lolita on your travels! Notably Misako Aoki. What was that like? Do you have any stories you can share with us?
Yes, I’ve met many Lolitas whom I’ve loved hanging out with. Meeting Misako Aoki was especially wonderful. Here’s a story from the last time I met with her in May: At Anime North this year when I walked up to Misako, she got very excited and she said “chotto matte” and went into her suitcase to pull out The Lolita Fashion Book. 

She opened it to the page I appeared on and pointed at the photo of the two of us excitedly. She told me that I was very beautiful and took both of my hands. She then thanked me for allowing her to use my photo in her book.
It was so magical that I nearly cried. That’s the kind of person Misako Aoki is. 

6. Due to your fame within the Lolita/Kawaii community online, you have admitted to experiencing both good and bad things from people in our community. What is the most surprising (positive) thing that has ever happened to you in this sense? 
Good and bad responses come with the territory, it’s true. Once I traveled to Megacon in Florida, and a Lolita walked up to me while I was wearing Fairy Kei. She said “This might be weird, but you look a lot like Cadney.” When I told her that I was, she was very excited! She told me that I was her “Lolita Senpai” and I thought that was very cute. We ended up having dinner together.

 7. Are you a lifestyle lolita at all? What do you do in your daily life that links to lolita?
I’m not a lifestyler because my work wouldn’t allow me to be, but I do always dress a little bit “cutesy.” I often mix Lolita accessories into my casual clothing, and I wear dresses and pastels more than anything else.

8. If you were asked to explain what is so wonderful about wearing lolita fashion to someone who had never heard of it before, what would you say?
Lolita is fantastic because it’s devoid of inhibition. You can wear whatever the heck you want; whatever makes you happy. Do you look ridiculous to passersby on the street? Probably. But doesn’t anything significantly different look ridiculous to them? Life is too short to care about what other people think. That’s why I wear Lolita. 

9. You recently attended Anime North and took part in the Fashion Swap, can you tell us a little about it and share with us our favorite parts?
The fashion swap at AN is great, but almost overwhelming. When the clock strikes 7 a flood of con-goers pour into this massive hall that the fashion sellers share with the Anime garage sale sellers. Thousands of people come in and out of that room and look at your items! I love seeing people’s secondhand brand clothing here. You can get some fantastic deals, and it’s always nicer to buy in person when you can see the condition, size, and length of the garment in front of you.

10. Would you say kawaii and lolita fashion has changed you? If so how?
 It’s made me more confident. It’s opened me up to understanding, accepting, and building from criticism. It’s taught me how to shrug off hate and disapproval. And most of all, it’s taught me to do what I love no matter what others tell me. Before Lolita, I would be more likely to listen to others when they say “don’t wear this, it’s stupid.” I don’t let others pressure me anymore. I make those decisions critically for myself. 

11. Before we bring this to a close, a few fun questions! What is your favorite movie to cuddle under a blanket and watch?
That would be a tie between “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “500 Days of Summer. 

12. What are you favorite and least favorite foods?
My favourite is butternut squash ravioli and my least favourite is… well, absolutely anything spicy.

13. Name your 3 favorite possessions (lolita or not)
Sherlock Watson (both of these are my cats) and Fragrant Rose Memories by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

14. And finally, what advice would you give to someone who is nervous about getting into Lolita fashion?
Find someone in your local community whom you can talk to, and maybe even solicit style advice from. If you have one friend already made before your first meet, you’re that much less isolated and it will be so much easier for you to meet others and feel accepted. So consider reaching out to them online!

Thank you so much Cadney for answering our questions, we can't wait to hear more from you, and we will continue to enjoy your flawless lolita fashion sense! 

You can follow Cadney on her Tumblr Blog  to keep up to date with her
adventures, and her wonderful co-ords.

For now, here are a few more of her stunning outfits for you to enjoy!

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Lolita in Summer

It's now summer and that means the weather will get hotter. Lolita consists of layer on layer which will seem like a nightmare in the summer! However there are a few easy tips for surving Lolita fashion (which ever substyle) in the summer. 

Usually blouses are worn under JSKS, Salopettes and with skirts however in the summer there is a second option. Cutsews are casual t-shirts with a thin cotten material. They also come with Kawaii prints such as bunnys, ice cream and bows. Or if you want chiffon black cutsews are also available for Gothic Lolitas.  

Bloomers help with keeping you more hot. So instead in the summer skip the bloomers (No body should be able to see anyway) and wear shorts. Whether you wear pajama shorts, a casual pair of Fairy Kei shorts or just a pair of shorts with frills on. 


Open shoes will give your feet more air which will cool you down. You can also wear tea partys but just try to avoid boots. 
Sun cream 
Sun cream helps protect our skin from Ultraviolet radiation which the sun sends out. It can also cause sun cancer.So to stay safe wearing sun cream can help.
Wear OPs
The less layers you wear the cooler you will feel. By wearing a one piece (OP) it will eliminate the cutsew or a blouse and you will feel better in the hot weather.
Lace tights/ short socks
If your comfortable with showing your legs, short socks such as the Angelic pretty socks pictured above can be used as over the knee/knee high/ thigh high socks feel really hot in the heat. If your not confortable with short socks you can also wear thin lace tights.  
Electrical, battery or hand fans can be a big help in the summer! They give out a cool waves and also can look cute. You can also find them on eBay.

Parasols create shade and also look adorable. Try to avoid the ones made out of lace, they do not create shade and just acts as a decoration (Know this from experience) 
Take advantage of it being summer
As its summer its a great excuse to wear summer themed accessories or clothes such as strawberry shaped rings. 
Avoid wigs if possible (They trap heat from your head) and try to hang your hair up. Depending on your hair length this will differ. If you want to wear a wig then try to wear a shorter wig. If you keep hair off the back of your neck, it will cool you down. 
Try to stay away from short sleeves. If you do decide to wear long sleeves be prepared for your arms to feel warm. Chiffon blouses will be able to give your arms air.  
Keep hydrated
In the summer it is important to keep hydrated by drinking lots of liquids. In the heat your body needs more water then usual otherwise you could collapse. 
Sun hats will help protect your head from the heat, they can also look really cute.

Try to wear light colours, obviously with some sub-styles this may be difficult however wearing black and other dark colours will make you feel hotter. 

Below are some ideas for Lolita coords in the summer
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