Kawaii Interview Time ~ Lovely Lolita Cadney

  Hello Cadney (Stephanie)! We are really happy to have you do an interview with us, thank you very much! First, please introduce yourself and tell our readers a little about you! 
You’re very welcome. I’m a 24 (soon to be 25!) year old Publishing student who works at a ballet school. I’ve been into Lolita for about 4.5 years, and I’ve been obsessed with Sweet and Angelic Pretty for the majority of those. I’ve just now begun to branch out more into other brands and substyles.
1.In a previous interview, you said your love of lolita fashion started with collecting ball joint dolls. What was it specifically about lolita that drew you to it as a fashion?
I’ve always been into cute, girly styles. I had a fleeting street punk phase, but dresses and pastel colours have always been my style passion. I also grew up watching Magical Girl anime, and I wanted to wear fashion similar to what I saw there, but didn’t know how! Or even if such a thing existed outside of cosplay. I was too shy to wear Lolita myself for awhile, so I started by putting the outfits on my dolls until my friends encourages me to try it out for myself.
2. You also said you plan most of your beautiful outfits in advance. What is the strangest/most memorable thing you can think of that inspired one of your outfits? 

One time I went to my local pacific mall and found a gachapon machine with cute plush octopi keychains in it. I won one pink octopus and one blue. I was very new to Lolita then, and I thought “how can I WEAR these little things” so I actually attached them to alligator clip bases and built a coordinate around the little octopi on my head. I’ve done this with little milk box plushies too, and I am sometimes tempted to do it with alpacas!
3. When you put together a special outfit, do you work on themes? What is your creative process?
Not themes so much as items. I think “I’d really love to wear this sash today” or “I really want to wear this dress, when was the last time I wore it?” I then lay it out on my bed and put some items down that look like they might go well. I experiment with different combinations this way.
4. You are of course, a kawaii ambassador for the Japan Lolita Association. Can you tell us more about it? Like how you got into it, what is involved in being a member, and how lolita can get involved themselves?
I was appointed as an ambassador by Misako Aoki when she visited Toronto for the first time last August. The Japan Lolita Association is a not-for-profit organization that seeks to raise awareness about Lolita Fashion across the globe. Our mission is to help interested newcomers get involved in the community. We’re also tasked with visiting other area of the world to network with the local Lolitas, and run/document events on behalf of the JLA in our community. It’s pretty self-guided right now. Misako seems to choose people that she trusts to be active and do a good job at spreading the word. When I was appointed, there were no applications – more like a community wide vote. But I’ve heard that the JLA was taking applications for an ambassador in a European country? So maybe they’re changing the process, or the process may vary. 
 5. Following on from the last question, you must have met some famous lolita on your travels! Notably Misako Aoki. What was that like? Do you have any stories you can share with us?
Yes, I’ve met many Lolitas whom I’ve loved hanging out with. Meeting Misako Aoki was especially wonderful. Here’s a story from the last time I met with her in May: At Anime North this year when I walked up to Misako, she got very excited and she said “chotto matte” and went into her suitcase to pull out The Lolita Fashion Book. 

She opened it to the page I appeared on and pointed at the photo of the two of us excitedly. She told me that I was very beautiful and took both of my hands. She then thanked me for allowing her to use my photo in her book.
It was so magical that I nearly cried. That’s the kind of person Misako Aoki is. 

6. Due to your fame within the Lolita/Kawaii community online, you have admitted to experiencing both good and bad things from people in our community. What is the most surprising (positive) thing that has ever happened to you in this sense? 
Good and bad responses come with the territory, it’s true. Once I traveled to Megacon in Florida, and a Lolita walked up to me while I was wearing Fairy Kei. She said “This might be weird, but you look a lot like Cadney.” When I told her that I was, she was very excited! She told me that I was her “Lolita Senpai” and I thought that was very cute. We ended up having dinner together.

 7. Are you a lifestyle lolita at all? What do you do in your daily life that links to lolita?
I’m not a lifestyler because my work wouldn’t allow me to be, but I do always dress a little bit “cutesy.” I often mix Lolita accessories into my casual clothing, and I wear dresses and pastels more than anything else.

8. If you were asked to explain what is so wonderful about wearing lolita fashion to someone who had never heard of it before, what would you say?
Lolita is fantastic because it’s devoid of inhibition. You can wear whatever the heck you want; whatever makes you happy. Do you look ridiculous to passersby on the street? Probably. But doesn’t anything significantly different look ridiculous to them? Life is too short to care about what other people think. That’s why I wear Lolita. 

9. You recently attended Anime North and took part in the Fashion Swap, can you tell us a little about it and share with us our favorite parts?
The fashion swap at AN is great, but almost overwhelming. When the clock strikes 7 a flood of con-goers pour into this massive hall that the fashion sellers share with the Anime garage sale sellers. Thousands of people come in and out of that room and look at your items! I love seeing people’s secondhand brand clothing here. You can get some fantastic deals, and it’s always nicer to buy in person when you can see the condition, size, and length of the garment in front of you.

10. Would you say kawaii and lolita fashion has changed you? If so how?
 It’s made me more confident. It’s opened me up to understanding, accepting, and building from criticism. It’s taught me how to shrug off hate and disapproval. And most of all, it’s taught me to do what I love no matter what others tell me. Before Lolita, I would be more likely to listen to others when they say “don’t wear this, it’s stupid.” I don’t let others pressure me anymore. I make those decisions critically for myself. 

11. Before we bring this to a close, a few fun questions! What is your favorite movie to cuddle under a blanket and watch?
That would be a tie between “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” and “500 Days of Summer. 

12. What are you favorite and least favorite foods?
My favourite is butternut squash ravioli and my least favourite is… well, absolutely anything spicy.

13. Name your 3 favorite possessions (lolita or not)
Sherlock Watson (both of these are my cats) and Fragrant Rose Memories by Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

14. And finally, what advice would you give to someone who is nervous about getting into Lolita fashion?
Find someone in your local community whom you can talk to, and maybe even solicit style advice from. If you have one friend already made before your first meet, you’re that much less isolated and it will be so much easier for you to meet others and feel accepted. So consider reaching out to them online!

Thank you so much Cadney for answering our questions, we can't wait to hear more from you, and we will continue to enjoy your flawless lolita fashion sense! 

You can follow Cadney on her Tumblr Blog  to keep up to date with her
adventures, and her wonderful co-ords.

For now, here are a few more of her stunning outfits for you to enjoy!

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