Lolita in Summer

It's now summer and that means the weather will get hotter. Lolita consists of layer on layer which will seem like a nightmare in the summer! However there are a few easy tips for surving Lolita fashion (which ever substyle) in the summer. 

Usually blouses are worn under JSKS, Salopettes and with skirts however in the summer there is a second option. Cutsews are casual t-shirts with a thin cotten material. They also come with Kawaii prints such as bunnys, ice cream and bows. Or if you want chiffon black cutsews are also available for Gothic Lolitas.  

Bloomers help with keeping you more hot. So instead in the summer skip the bloomers (No body should be able to see anyway) and wear shorts. Whether you wear pajama shorts, a casual pair of Fairy Kei shorts or just a pair of shorts with frills on. 


Open shoes will give your feet more air which will cool you down. You can also wear tea partys but just try to avoid boots. 
Sun cream 
Sun cream helps protect our skin from Ultraviolet radiation which the sun sends out. It can also cause sun cancer.So to stay safe wearing sun cream can help.
Wear OPs
The less layers you wear the cooler you will feel. By wearing a one piece (OP) it will eliminate the cutsew or a blouse and you will feel better in the hot weather.
Lace tights/ short socks
If your comfortable with showing your legs, short socks such as the Angelic pretty socks pictured above can be used as over the knee/knee high/ thigh high socks feel really hot in the heat. If your not confortable with short socks you can also wear thin lace tights.  
Electrical, battery or hand fans can be a big help in the summer! They give out a cool waves and also can look cute. You can also find them on eBay.

Parasols create shade and also look adorable. Try to avoid the ones made out of lace, they do not create shade and just acts as a decoration (Know this from experience) 
Take advantage of it being summer
As its summer its a great excuse to wear summer themed accessories or clothes such as strawberry shaped rings. 
Avoid wigs if possible (They trap heat from your head) and try to hang your hair up. Depending on your hair length this will differ. If you want to wear a wig then try to wear a shorter wig. If you keep hair off the back of your neck, it will cool you down. 
Try to stay away from short sleeves. If you do decide to wear long sleeves be prepared for your arms to feel warm. Chiffon blouses will be able to give your arms air.  
Keep hydrated
In the summer it is important to keep hydrated by drinking lots of liquids. In the heat your body needs more water then usual otherwise you could collapse. 
Sun hats will help protect your head from the heat, they can also look really cute.

Try to wear light colours, obviously with some sub-styles this may be difficult however wearing black and other dark colours will make you feel hotter. 

Below are some ideas for Lolita coords in the summer
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  1. I love some of these coords! Some of them look so elegant and pretty! And thanks for the tips, I'm sure they'll be a big help!~

  2. Awaw... this post is so usefull ^-^ Thank you very much! ♥

  3. This post if full of really good ideas, I like the sun hats!


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