Dee Con 2014! ~ Olivia

Hey! On Saturday I was lucky enough to attend Dee Con! Scotland's largest free anime, games and cosplay convention! I was a little bit unsure of what to expect as it was my first time at any kind of convention!

It was a dull morning but I was up at the crack of dawn sorting out my outfit and getting ready to go! i wasn't cosplaying because I wore a "Sailor Lolita" Coord.
My Coord and some amazing cosplays in the background!
When we arrived I was super shocked at the queue to get in! I loved looking at all the cosplays I think my favourite was the Adventure Time cosplays and the Loki one too!
It was Jam Packed inside! People had to turn sideways to get through the doors because their cosplay outfit was too big!
When we finally got in from the rain (which made my hair extra frizzy) we went upstairs to the games! They had all sorts of consoles from the 80's, 90's and now! My favourite was the Nintendo '64 just because I own one myself! People had their 3ds' and were playing Animal Crossing and Pokemon too!
They have all sorts of games competitions aswell.

                       Then we went to my favourite bit - THE STALLS!
So much KAWAII!! I wanted everything and I would have had it if my mum (AKA my personal bank) wasn't with me. She kept saying how I didn't need Sailor Moon plushies or a Puella Magi Madoka Magica poster - Of course I needed them. But I never got them, I got a manga caricature of myself and a Sailor Moon book!

Some Stalls...

There were so many amazing people who I spoke too about the Anime I watched, When did I start watching it, What games did I play and more! People kept complementing what I was wearing and saying how pretty I looked! I couldn't stay late as we were babysitting so we went home. I wish I was older so I could stay for the after party but you have to be over 18! Oh well, All I know is that I will definitely be there next year!
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Me and Some Star Wars Folk!

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  1. Looks like you had a great time ^^ the drawing of you is awesome!


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