larme kei

What is Larme Kei?

Larme-kei is named after the style of clothing and makeup popularized by the bi-monthly magazine Larme.Meaning "tears" in French, Larme or Larme-kei is look that is sweet, sophisticated and little bit girly. 

What makes Larme Kei?

Soft pastels colors, and typically red, black or gray.

No harsh or hard-type fabrics. Lace and chiffon are staple fabrics.

 Lace designs, fluff, ruffles and other features make up the small but meaningful details in Larme kei.

Makeup is soft and feminine. Dewy eyes resembling tears and blush under the eyes are popular.

Hair styles vary, but are still feminine. These styles often include twists, curls, braids, buns, or pigtails.

Gingham and strawberry or cherry motifs are common.


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