The age of Ahoges?

Recently "Ahoge"'s have been popping up in Japanese fashion snaps. 

What is an Ahoge?

They are an visual trait usually seen in manga and anime where a small strand of the hair is separated.
The aim is to bring 2D Moe into the real world.

What is moe?

Moe is an Japanese slang word which is often used to refer to anime characters. Moe refers to feelings of affection towards something cute.

Colomoooo, from the Candye Syrup store in Shimokitazawa  is the chairman of the Ahoge Kyoukai. Click here to go to her twitter.

Ahoge kyoukai
The Ahoge association (Kyoukai) is a small club for people who style their hair with an ahoge.It doesn't matter your gender or nationality and you just send an  image of you with an ahoge and send it to the link above.

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