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Kawaii style,  it’s starting to become ever popular within the UK. With many various categories of styles popping up within the UK it’s always good to keep an eye out  and see what’s forming in the community. From Lolita to Fairy Kei, yet one category of fashion that appears just as commonly as those mentioned is Gyaru.
Gyaru (a Japanese translation of  Gal) a Japanese street fashion has gained popularity among girls here in the UK. Taking inspiration from the famous stores within Shibuya 109 and bringing it over to UK. Over time numerous girls have searched through Japanese various magazines such as Egg, Ranzuki and Popteen.

Whilst there are many categories of Gyaru styles as within Kawaii fashion, each one holds it's own means of the kawaii factor. From the old style of Ganguro to the newer styles of Himegyaru. Each one unique and able to fit to any girls preference of style.     

The UK has a growing community of gals who help one another and are keen to spread the word of Gyaru fashion to boys or girls willing to find out what it is all about. London has a small community of these individuals who create meet ups for the Gyaru girls (referred to as Gaijin Gyaru) around the UK to come and mingle with one another. Within the month of February a recent meet up was held within London. 

A large gathering of uniquely dressed gals from the very kawaii Hime style to more intense style of Manba. Each different and each unique yet all holding the kawaii factor.  A day consisting of laughs and talks. The day plan filled with social gathering at a cafe for drinks, restaurant for food and the ever popular purikura session. 

Here are a selection of outfit shots (and rundowns) from the most recent meet to showcase the styles of the cute Gyaru of the UK

Hair pieces, Hair bow, Necklace and Tights: Taobao,
Blouse: Dreamv
Dress: Princess Melody,
Bracelet: roxiesweetheart
Stockings: eBay
Heels: La Pafait

Top, Skirt, Belt and shorts(not visable): Ma*rs
Shoes: Sainsburys

Jessica Jelly
Schoolgirl Uniform: Taobao
Coat: Alba Rosa
Shoes: Vans

Entire outfit: Ma*rs

Cardi and Socks: Primark
Dress: Unbranded
Shoes: Cute to the core

Hat: Goldigga
Wig: Zing-Vogue (eBay Seller)
Jacket: Criminal Damage
Dress: Primark
Sweater: Mr Gugu & Miss Go
Shoes: Converses

Dress and Hoodie: Super Lovers
Necklaces: Glavil by tutuHA
Shoes: Store Twenty One
Hair piece: Taobao

Dress and accesories: Dreamy Bows
Cardigan: River Island
Shoes: Dreamv
Bag: eBay

Dress: Cyberdog
Coat: Alba Rosa
Shoes: Jeremy Scott
Wig: uk wig group on Facebook

Denim suspender skirt: Camden and customised
Bolero: ebay and customised
Tights and Boots: eBay
Accessories: Melissa's own brand Tiny Circus Crafts
Bow: Bodyline
Bag: Melissa's own brand Tiny Circus Crafts

Dress: Glavil by tutuHA
Cardigan: Banned
Suspender Tights: Asos
Hairslides: Roxie Sweetheart
Necklace and Armour Ring: Vivienne Westwood
Bag: Irregular Choice
Boots: Asos

Group shot

Kawaii UK is expanding and Gajin Gyaru are becoming a part of it. As an ever growing community and with the help of all the followers of what stands for kawaii, this style it won't be dying any time soon

Article by Lorraine
Photography by Melissa Sacco
Article edits by Amelie

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