Review Time: Minty Kitty

♥Hiya everybunny, how are you?
I won a giveaway for the UK based "Minty Shop" or "Minty Kitty" so I decided to give you a review! The store Minty Kitty, sells super Kawaii art which the owner draws herself! 
Here is the back of the parcel with Rilakkuma tape. 

♥Inside was a pastel pink Chococat card with a sweet message. 
 ♥Inside the card was this Kawaii Business card(?) with links on the back (The links will be posted at the bottom)
♥The first item I will be reviewing are these badges. This picture turned out pretty good. Anyway each of the buttons has a chibi face printed on with no flaws. 
 ♥A shot of the back! Showing the links and the pins of the badges 
A unicorn/Pegasus (Alicorn!) phone charm.

I also received creepy cute stickers 
♥The top half of the stickers. The printing is really clear and seriously cute! 
The bottom half of the stickers. I really like the chibi girl with purple hair! 
♥Star princess necklace!
It's so pretty! And the chain is pink which is good as sometimes when the chain is always gold or silver it can't flow with the coord. 
And last but not least, a giant pin! 
You might of noticed but its the same girl as the one on the stickers! 
What do you think of Minty Kitty's art? Comment below!

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