Kawaii Food and Drink in the UK

♥While Fashion, toys and other things have joined in the world of Kawaii food and drink has also joined them. Read below some of the places you can find them: 

One place to find Kawaii sweets is Tofu cute.
They visit a lot of events around the UK and also have their own webstore here

♥Cyber candy also offers Kawaii sweets. They have a few stores around the country including Brighton and London. Click here to visit their webstore. 

♥Nice ice is a london based business that offers "Shaved Ice"
 a Japanese desert that comes in different flavors. They occasionally tend convention
♥The Wagashi japanese bakery sells hand made Dorayaki, a Japanese desert made from two pancakes filled with a traditional red bean paste called Anko and comes in nine flavors. They attend conventions around the UK including this years MCM London expo. 
♥Do you like Kawaii food and drinks? What are your favorites?

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