☆So you want to host a Kawaii meetup?☆

So you want to host a Kawaii meetup? 

One of the best things about being into Japanese fashion and Kawaii things is meeting other people who share your love for Japanese pop culture. So one way to meet new friends or just hang out with old is to go to a meetup. Today's post is a step by step guide to planning your own meetup! You can make your meetup a certain style (For example Gyaru or Lolita) however a way to meet new friends is to host one with all styles.

So keep reading for ideas and general tips for a perfect meetup!

If your going to have food around try to find out if anyone has any food allergies or if they are a vegetarian. 

Be as specific as possible (If your planning a meetup to watch Frozen at Odeon at 1pm and then go ice skating, then say!)

Try to speak to everyone

At the start of the meet it is a good idea for everyone to introduce themselves and say there name (Or nickname/online alias)

Bringing a +1 

It can be nerve wrecking going to your first meetup when you don't know anyone so you can bring a +1 for safety.

 However there are certain things your +1 should know before getting to the meet up. 

Don't force them to dress up in Japanese fashion if they don't want to. 

Try to tell them what they can't say (For example, "Nice costume" or "What anime are you from?") Comments like that won't go that well! If your bringing your other half try to keep PDA down. 

A few ideas:

A picnic. Find somewhere nice outside (Or inside if its raining or snowing) and set up a picnic area with pastels, delicious treats, Arpakasso's and cute plushies. 

Ice skating (Obviously you need a ice rink to be able to do this!) 


Watch a movie at the cinema 

A visit to an aquarium 

If you are suspecting a large amount of people going (For example 20) you might want to reserve some places.


You need to invite your guests. One of the best ways is making an open Facebook event and posting the links on varies online Lolita or Kawaii facebook pages. Another good idea (Which I should of done at my last meet) is hand out/swap your phone number to the other people attending so if someone or you are late, you can contact them. 


Everything in the world costs money. It's different for each activity however its a good idea to inform your guests of more information. For example if you have decided on a restaurant, give out the basic price of the food (For example if everything is under £3 or under £10) 


Since a lot of effect and time (And sometimes money- especially Hime and Lolita, as they are pricey) has gone into getting ready its a good idea to take a few pictures and is a good way to remember the meetup. They are also a good opportunity to make Kawaii pictures such as making hearts with your hands!

So that's it for todays post. Have you ever hosted a meetup?Or which meetup was your favourite? Comment below! 
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  1. Cute little guide, would love to go to a meet up one day ♥



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