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San-X is a Japanese company that specializes in stationary, cute merchandise, paper products, stuffed animals and more. Their characters are usually animals, food or sprites with a unique element such as a peach shaped head, or interesting attitude. 

San-X was founded in April 1932. There are a lot of San -X characters however in this article we will feature a few of the most famous, and a few underrated ones too. 

If you would like to learn more about San-X, you can visit the official website, or read up on wikipedia. The San-X logo is of a green clover which represents wishing their fans "Good luck" and also that the fans find happiness with their products.

Perhaps the most famous San-X character. Rilakkuma was created in 2003. The bear has a fictional story behind him who appears in Karou's (A female office worker) apartment who looks after him. 

A friend of Rilakkuma. A small white bear who looks similar to Rilakkuma. 

Berry puppy 
A little white puppy who likes strawberries

A little white seal series which is avaliable in a variety of colours including blue, pink and white which is the most common colour. In 2009 a 59 episode series based on a few of the Kawaii seals has also been realised. 

Here are a few of the seals: 

It's name translates to "Milk bear" and was realised in 2004. Milkuma consists of three bears as seen below. 

Sentimental circus 
A series of characters that when its night time, a bunch of abandoned toys come alive and gather together to form a circus.

A pink pig character with a head shaped like a peach. Momobuta translates to "Peach pig"

A cheerful frog character. Keroi changes colour in-between white (Normal) and green (Whenever he is depressed_, his colour changes depends on his mood.

It's name roughly translates to "Lazy (Tare) Panda"  who is normally seen laying down. 

Cherry berry 
Two little bunnys. Realised in 2002. The pink bunny is Berry who apparently has a strong, fierce personality while the other is her older sister bunny, Cherry .

Momo Panda
A little peach coloured panda character. Apparently he was born from a beach. The little panda in the picture is Komomo Panda, his little sister. The turtle in the back of the picture is Kame-kun who is MomoPanda's friend that collects peaches for them.

Moomo Panda
A bunny who loves milk which features a cow style print.

A little, fluffy dog. 

A bunny that lives in Kyoto, Japan. 

So, there are some of the San-x cute characters that you can see on many of their products. If you'd like to get hold of some yourself, here are a few stores who sell San-X products! 

Who is your favourite San-X character? Comment below!

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