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What is Cult party Kei?

Hi, how are you? Today's post is all about the relatively new Japanese fashion, Cult party Kei. The term Cult party Kei originates from the vintage store "The virgin mary" in Tokyo which used to go by the name of Cult Party. It is similar to Dolly and Mori Kei in the way that the look is about layering. A white dress is usually used as a base layer and then you add one more layers to build up the coord.  The look is pale,floaty, Angel or ghost like 


The colours that are often used are pale, pastel colours including pink, cream, blue and white. 

For example the first layer is usually white with different colours layered ontop.

Black and red can also be used. 


The makeup for Cult party kei is a mixture of a natural and dolly look.Brown's and reds are the colors usually seen for Cult party makeup. Circle lenses are often used (Although they are NOT required) A lot of blush is usually seen on the higher bit of the checks/just under the eyes as you can see on the picture to the left. Also lips are often tinted with red lipstick. 


Natural and easy hairstyles are usually used. Natural hair colours are also found more often then bright colours. Common hairstyles include buns (Single or double), Plaits,  twin tails and curled hair down.


Accessories are also important. Night gowns are seen often. They add an angelic and dreamy touch to any Cult party Kei coord. They are also easy to find! Other accessories include flowers, crosses (Red crosses are common to see) and teddy bear plushies. 

"Pop culture" accessories are often used as well.


For shoes, platforms are usually used in pale colours however you can also see rocking horse shoes, converse, pale Lolita tea parties, 

A few Stores:
angelic party shop
the virgin mary (Where CPK comes from)
love moons
velvet girl
love moons (Some products can also be used for other styles)

Other links:
cult party tumblr page
dark-cult-party-kei tumblr
Mori/Cult party/Dolly area of Myasianfashion.com

Here are a few examples of coords:
Do you dress in Cult party Kei?Or is it on your bucket list of styles to try? Comment below!

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