Keeping Kawaii in the winter

Hiya every bunny, how are you? It's almost time for winter so today's post is all about keeping Kawaii in the winter. 

Hope you enjoy it! 


This probably seems like an obvious idea on keeping Kawaii in the winter. There are a lot of options for Kawaii hats, including the Kawaiigoods.com hat that you can see above. Click here to see more hats. 

An alternative to jackets. You can still wear a cape over a coat or jumper however they are really cute. You can get ones by famous Kawaii characters such as Totoro or Rilakkuma and Lolita brands have also brought some out. Including Angelic pretty who feature bunny ears and heart shaped pockets on their capes. The world famous eBay is a good place to find capes. 

Boots will be warmer to wear compared to other shoes. Some Lolita brands that supply boots are, An*tai*na, Angelic Pretty and Bodyline. Gyaru brands have also realised boots. If you want an inexpensive option, a pastel pair of high street boots can also work. Bodyline has a few boots under their shoe section. 

Coats are one of the best ways to keep warm in winter. There are countless styles of coats including ones with bunny ears and cat ears. Lolita and Gyaru brands have also brought some out. Click here to see the coats section on Himi'store. Bodyline also has a coat section. 

For around the house, keep your feet warm by wearing slippers! You can get slippers of many Kawaii slippers including Totoro, Arpakasso's, Rilakkuma, My melody, Hello kitty, Pandas and also anime characters!

Ear warmers

To keep your ears warm and to try to not get an ear ache, you can use ear warmers! There are a lot of cute ear warmers to choose from.


If you've worn a wig before you will know that your head gets really hot under a wig so why not us this to an advantage! Wearing wigs in winter will not only make your hair look cute but will keep your head warm. 


A warm alternative to over the knee/ thigh high  socks. Tights will cover up the whole of your legs. Tattoo tights have recently became really popular with over the knee styled part with sheer over top. Varies characters such as rabbits, bears, Totoro and stars can be seen. You can easily find tights on eBay for under £5.

Long sleeves/ hoodies and jackets

Check out this section on Himi'store for their sweaters and hoodies. Click here for more hoodies including the two hoodies in the pictures below. Hime Castle offers a range of Hime Gyaru styled jackets. 

Although they might not be practical to use, Gloves are good are good at keeping your hands warm. aliexpress has a cute selection of gloves. 

Leg warmers
Leg warmers can be worn with trousers, skirts, dresses, socks, tights. Besides keeping your legs warmer, they can also look cute! 

Now onto the last part of this article, fun winter ideas!

Warm night in
Watch films on your tv while wrapped in a duvet drinking hot chocolate and eating s'mores. This will help you keep warm and be fun at the same time.

Make forts 
Using sofas, pillows and blankets, make a fort to hide under during the cold winter add fairy lights and plushies to add a Kawaii touch.

Making snow men
When the snow comes, countless of people make snow men out of the snow. So add a Kawaii touch and make snow men of your favourite kawaii characters.

Bake cookies with your friends
With your friends or even on your own, bake sweet treats or cookies. You can also add a Kawaii touch including a panda or a bunny. 

Ice skating
The perfect winter sport and cute meetup idea. 

That's it for today's post. Hope you have a good and warm winter!
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