Fairy Kei In Winter - Style Tips

It's November and the weather is starting to get colder.

 This time of the year people may want to just keep warm instead of Kawaii with layers of coats, boots, scarfs and mundane clothes. 

However you can still dress up cute, you can still look Kawaii while trying to keep warm.

 In this article will be some tips for wearing Fairy Kei in Winter. 

What is Fairy Kei? 

Fairy Kei ("Fairy Fashion") is a Japanese Street fashion made out of pastel colours (Although dark colours can still be used). More and more people oversea's have started wearing the style, and it has quickly become the most popular kawaii style, after lolita. 

The style is easily confused with similair styles such as Pop Kei or Decora. 
To find out more about Fairy Kei, click here to read our All About post!

Now onto the keep warm tips!

The style itself often consists of layers so adding extra to keep warm won't look out of place. Layering can also be pretty simple if you have a pre-existing Fairy Kei wardrobe. If you don't, some good places to start buying some clothes for layering are: SpreepickyHimi storeManiaq and MilkLim.

Boots will help keep your feet/legs warm and can also look cute with Fairy Kei. 
Some places to buy boots perfect for Fairy Kei: Clobba onlineBodyline

There are also some Gyau brands that have brought out shoes which would look cute with Fairy. 

Leg warmers!
Leg warmers such as these in the picture above add a cute touch to any outfit and can help with warming your legs! Check out a few of the Leg warmers from Lolita Desu, they're cute and affordable!: YellowXpink.  PinkXMintXoffwhitePinkXpurple

Gloves keep your hands warm. They also come in pastel colours which are perfect for Fairy Kei.  Click here to buy the cat paw gloves from the picture below.

Check out some of the gloves from Lolita Desu: PurplePinkXyellowXmintMintXblackPink. You can also buy some animal themed ones here.

Long sleeves 
Long sleeves will cover up your arms to keep you warm. By wearing pastels you can mix long sleeves with Fairy Kei. Click here to check out the long sleeved hoody above.

Coats/ jackets
Easy method to adding layers to keep you warm!

Hats can cover you head, keeping you warm and adds a cute touch! Click any of the links to check some out!: Flower hatBowHeartsThe hat above. You can also use simple pastel coloured beanies which you can find in a variety of UK stores such as Primark. 

A few winter friendly Fairy Kei coords:

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  1. Thank you, very nice tips, but I guess I'll still look like crap when it's -40 celcius and the snow is up to our knees...


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