Spreepicky Review: Seifuku

Spreepicky is a store on Storenvy that focuses on selling clothes and accessories from Taobao. The clothes are either cosplay related with occasional anime merchandise or Japanese street fashion. They also offer artist applications so fans can be payed to design adorable prints for tee's, phone cases or more. They offer world wide free shipping as well as sizes for a range of sizes.Spreepicky was founded in August 2013 "with the idea of picking customers the best cute fashion with lower cost and best shopping experience"
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The first item I ordered from Spreepicky, was this printed seifuku.
Sakura (Cherry Blossom) prints are really cute so when I found this I decided to buy it quickly.
There is a variety of sizes so make sure you double check your size before you buy. This seifuku so far is only available in pink.

The second item I got was this plain seifuku in pink. 
Although I got it in Pink (Pink is taking over my life ^^) you can also get it in a variety of colours such as purple, green, red, black, blue, green and pink. The price is $19.99 (About £12.50) along with free shipping which is a good price.

Here are both of the Seifuku's I brought. The labels are cutely shapped like a wing, Reminds me of the CardCaptor Sakura wing >.< There's really cute messages on the packaging such as: 
In general the packaging gives of the idea of magical girls (A weakness of mine)

The first seifuku I will be reviewing is the Sakura Print one
The colour turned out really pretty. The bow is also detachable which means you can change bows if you would like. I found the Seifuku a little thin so be-careful when you wear it. The Sakura Print is really pretty and clear.

The next seifuku is this plain pink one. The colour is a cute tone of pink that's slightly brighter then pastel pink.

The bow is also a good size, its not too big and not too small. 

Included in the parcel was also a free golden necklace which was too small to picture but it was really pretty. I gave it to a good friend of mine! Also included was a postcard from the old but well-known Mahou shoujo series, Sailor Moon.

The message from the seller was really sweet!

Plus the business card! It's really cute! 

Personally I found the seifuku's a little too thin, however for the price they are not bad quality at all. The customer service was sweet and friendly. 

In conclusion, Spreepicky has a wide variety of products as well as being friendly, and as long as you are looking for special occasion wear and high quality, long wear garments - I recommend!

Have you ever ordered from SpreePicky? If so share your experience with us!

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  1. I love the Sakura themed seifuku, it's so adorable

  2. loved your post ! ♥
    the seifukus are too cute :)

  3. i love that they have a plus cutie section ^O^


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