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♥The weather is getting hotter which means more people will be going to the beach. Staying Kawaii where ever you are, are what some people want so here are a few ways where you can still be Kawaii will sunbathing or playing in the sea. 

Bikini's/Swim wear
What ever style you dress in,there's always a chance to have a Kawaii bikini. Japanese brands use frills, floral prints and ruffles on their designs.Varies Japanese brands feature Bikini's, including Dream V, a Kawaii and good priced Japanese brand which sell Bikini's that are perfect for Hime gyaru's and Sweet Lolita's. The sizes also fit larger sized girls. 

Lip service also prodives swim wear perfect for Gyaru's. If your visitng Japan any time soon, Gyaru stores also show off their bikini's in the shop windows.

If your price range is slightly higher, liz Lisa has also brought out their own bikini's a while ago 
For the Lolita's, brands, including BTSSB, has released specially swim wear with prints. 
If you don't want to spend a lot or buy online, mainstream brands might be able to satisfy your Kawaii needs. For example Primark, Forever 21 and BHS supply swim wear. 
Hat's protect you from getting too hot, so one way to stay Kawaii at the beach is to wear hats, from summer hats to hello kitty caps there are a lot of choices. Will the world of eBay, its easy to find them.

Kawaii towels are also easy to find, including Hello kitty (I own two hello kitty towels), Doreamon,Micky mouse and anime characters. You can find them in the factory shop (A UK based franchise- also where I got a pink hello kitty towel last year for £5),eBay and varies other stores.
Fans are a good way to keep you cool
When your in the water you don't want your hair to get wet so you can use Kawaii hair ties, to tie up your hair. Available from: etsy storenvy, bodyline, eBay and varies other stores. 

Ice lolly's and drinks
Remember to stay hydrated while at the beach. Along the beach are always stores selling beach toys and refreshments so don't forget to have a drink or ice lolly if your feeling hot!

A good parasol will act as a portable shade. The shop ergi has a cute selection of parasols. 

You can also find Kawaii sunglasses, including sunglasses with little bows. Claires has an area of sunglasses in most of your stores where you can find the perfect glasses to finish of your look.

When you go to the beach, do you go for the Kawaii look? 
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