Hyper Japan 2014: Saturday

♥Yesterday was day 2 of the UK's biggest japanese culture convention, known as Hyper Japan. I went last year and decided to go again this year. All photo's are mine.

Excuse my face in the picture to the left. NHK world (A Japanese program channel in English) was there, offering free pictutes with Domo-kun (NHK's mascot)

♥It was a pretty warm day. We arrived at the venue just after ten so there was barely a queue.

After showing our tickets to the staff,who then scanned the tickets, we headed to the queue tog get our yellow bracelets to prove we had a double pass.

We then entered the venue which was a huge room filled with stalls and stages.

Inside it was pretty packed, luckily the building had air con.

We looked around for a bit, watching the show at the hyper Kawaii stage.

We looked around some of the stalls, (I brought a SHINee poster and SHINee pillow) before we went to the Nice Ice stand where you can get Shaved Ice for £4.00

I had strawberry flavor with mango. (Recommend it if you get a chance!)

After getting our food we decided to sit down near a stage. 

At the back of Earls court was a mini stage.

A Japanese band called  one-note,Kaz (Drums), Nye (Bass/vocal) and Takato (Guitar) performed. 

They are really talented and super adorable!

There were different sections inside, including Taste Japan, Hyper Kawaii, Fringe market and the Anime and Game area. 

Kawaii banners for the japanese brands; Putumayo and Angelic Pretty were  decorated around the Hyper Kawaii area.

There were a variety of things to purchase including magazines such as Kera or Gothic Lolita Bible, Kdrama DVD's, Anime posters, Katanas (As you can see to the left), clothes, manga and plushies. Below are two pictures of other stores selling Kawaii merchandise.

Japanese food was also avaliable in the taste japan section. They include a variety of food including Shaved Ice, Yakitori andTakoyaki (Octopus balls)

 Mini video with some acts writing couldn't express!
My Haul:
Kpop goods. I can't remember the name of the stall however they were selling plushies and kpop/Kdrama goods.
 Close up of my BTS camera strap, this was really helpful!
Hime the Arpakasso, from LoveJojo. She was £20. 
A rainbow pastel wig and Chocomint(?) hairbow from Dreamy bows.
Three hairclips from the same stall (Don't know the name) however they were all reasonably a good price.
 Random leaflets I picked up throghout the day
 Business cards I picked up 
NHK postcard!

Did you go to Hyper Japan this year? What was your favorite experience?
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