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This article is designed to help you use, and care for you circle lenses properly.

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When First Getting Your Lenses/Before Putting in
1. When you first get your lenses, make sure your check them for any defects. Make sure you check for any damage, discolouring or cracks. Also make sure the expiry date is correct. If there is anything wrong with them, do not use them and contact the shop you ordered from for advice/a refund.
2. The expiry on the bottle refers to the solution, not the lenses. Once you open your lenses, they should last a year with the right care!
3. Get your lense case ready to put the lenses in! Fill it with multipurpose lens solution to disinfect them before you wear them! A good and affordable choice is Wilko's All in One Solution.
4. Once you have opened your lenses, make sure you dispose of all of the solution for the vial/bottle they came in, and clean/rinse them in fresh solution at least twice.
5. Once you have rinsed the lenses in clean solution, leave them to soak in the lens case filled with CLEAN solution for at least 6 hours. Don't be impatient! Your eyes are very delicate, so don't take any chances! 
6. Once your lenses have soaked, clean then one more time, then they are ready to wear. Or, empty the solution, fill with fresh and store them away in a safe place, away from direct light and heat. Make sure you use a case or vial that closes properly!

Cleaning your lenses

Putting in your lenses
1. Make sure your hands are clean, and so are your lenses! Also, make sure your eyes aren't dry before inserting them, having dry eyes will make it difficult. Put in a few eye drops if you need to.
2. Use a mirror!
3. Having good light will help too
4. Make sure your lenses are the right way around, and going in the right eye (i.e. left or right)
5. Use one hand to pull up your eyelid, and the other to insert your lenses. Putting the lens on the end of your index finger.
6. Slowly put the lens into your eye, and try not to blink as you will squish the lens out of your eye.
7. Try to put the lens in towards the bottom/side of your eye then gently slide it into position over your iris, this can make it easier.
8. Once it's in place, blink a few times and the lens should shift to a comfy position.

Taking your Lenses Out
1. Make sure your hands and the lens case/area is clean!
2. Use a mirror, and good light
3. Gently squeeze the lens carefully between your thumb and index finger and lift it away from your eye. It can sometimes help to bend forward a little.
4. You'll get the hand of it! Don't worry if you find it a bit tricky!
5. Clean your lenses with multipurpose solution before storing them.

Storing Lenses
1. Always store your lenses in clean solution. Change lens solution every day to make sure they stay clean and don't develop any germs.
2. Replace your lens cases every 3 months.
3. Keep them in a safe, cool place away from harsh light. 
4. Only store lenses in multipurpose solution. 

General Tips and Safety
1. Wearing lenses can irritate your eyes if they get dry, or if it is a hot day especially. So keep some eye drops/mist with you throughout the day.
2. Do not wear lenses for more than 8 hours at a time. 
3. If you feel and burning or stinging while wearing your lenses, check if they are split or damaged. If your in a lot of discomfort, stop wearing the lenses and replace them.
4. If you experience any reactions to the lenses, like red eyes, sore eyes, itching or similar, stop using the lenses and see your doctor/eye doctor.
5. If your eyes get a little stingy/uncomfy after wearing the lenses for long lengths of time, don't worry this is normal. Just make sure your eyes are hydrated.
6. Do not rub your eyes while you have lenses in if you can avoid it. Dirt can get trapped under lenses in your eye and cause trouble!

Blurry Vision
Blurry vision around the edges of your sight can sometimes be caused by patterns on the lenses, which is normal. However if your vision becomes blurry after wearing your lenses in any other way, check them for any damage and make sure your eyes and the lenses are clean. If the problem persists, stop using the lenses and see a doctor to make sure you do not have an eye infection.

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