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♥Hi, how are you? It's almost time for school to start so today's post is all about being Kawaii at school. Hope you enjoy today's post!


The selection is bags have a huge variety. Remember to check the rules on bags at your school however there are countless bags to choose. Maybe a shoulder bag with your favourite anime character printed on, or a Hello kitty shaped bag or maybe a Japanese high school bag. There are a variety of stores selling bags, especially at this time of the year. Also eBay has a lot of bags for descent prices.


This depends on your schools uniform code. If your not flexiable you can still wear a small Kawaii hairclip such as the one below which will add a small touch of Kawaii to a boring outfit. Or small badges/pins decorating your blazer etc (Bit not too much- don't want to turn it into more decora and get told of)

If your allowed to wear your own clothes but don't want to go too OTT its easy to make a casual outfit such as the one below. 

You can also go for a Kogal (Japanese school uniform) look


You might need somewhere to note down the information you learn to help you with studying so why not Kawaii up your notebook.  


Getting a kawaii pen is an easy tip to your kawaii makeover at school. There are a wide variety of pens including Rilakkuma 

Pencil cases

You can also get Kawaii pencil cases including Rilakkuma shaped ones! Tofu cute (A UK brand/shop) also sells them, for example the picture above. 

Other stationery

There are also other stationery you could get. For example Kawaii deco tape. The options to kawaii stationary are endless!

Do you go for the Kawaii look at school?Comment below!

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  1. Aww I love that bag so much! And I have so many Hello Kitty notepads haha.



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