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Tights from were all mad here


What is Creepy Cute?

There is not much information about Creepy cute fashion however it " is a style similar to Pastel Goth or "Bittersweet" The look involves a mixture of cute and creepy such as bat tights and eyeball bow hair clips (Which is really common in Creepy Cute) The idea is to look both cute and creepy at the same time. This post will feature stores to buy accessories and a few helpful tips.The colours you will usually see are pastel purple, black, pastel pink and mint. Creepy cute can also easily be included in Lolita fashion. 

A few stores:

Sammys Jewels ,LittleMizzKitty,
kawaii core,Eye candy,bunny farmkowai tea partyfuzzy moonbunny and black ,alice-doll,  melty melty honeymoon bunnyquantum madness (Wigs)

 were all mad here ,the kawaii machine (Also has jewellery), hello cavities,spreepickymystere wonderland (They also do shoes and accessories!),algonquins,listen flavor

Here are some sample coords

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  1. And now this blog post has got me back into creepy cute, I think it's the lavender that does it.



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