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What are maid cafes?

Maid cafes are a type of popular "Cosplay ["Costume play"] restaurants" in Japan. Maid cafes were originally for otaku (Anime and manga fans) however have became a big hit in the past few years with Kawaii culture, men, woman and touritsts. While originally in Japan, maid cafes have reached all around the world, including in London, Scotland, new york and varies other places.In the west Maids seem to have a bad reputation however in Japan maids are seen as cute. Maid cafes are usaully found in Akihabara, the central for anime and electronics in Tokyo. It is not un-common to see maids walking around Akihabara.The first permanence maid cafe is "Cure Maid cafe" which formed in 2001. 


Service in maid cafes are very cute and innocent. Guests a greeted with Okaerinasaimase goshujin-sama ("Welcome home Master/mistress") and then are treated royally for their rest of the stay at the cafe. 

 In some cafes customers can play games with the maids. For an additional fee customers can sometimes have pictures taken with their maid. 

There are also cafes which feature there own theme, for example Nagomi in Akihabara follows the theme of little sisters.

Maid Uniforms

Each maid cafe requires a maid styled uniform. The uniform ranges from each cafe however they usually all include a maid dress (Usually black, white or pastels), a petticote underneath to create a poof, a apron of some kind, a hair accessory (Usually a maid headdress or headbow- sometimes even both), over the knee socks or stockings and shoes (Which range from heels to flats) Sometimes certain cafes uniforms include cat ears. To the left you can see a full shot of  maids uniform which shows the cafe's unique heart shaped petticoat under the hem of the dress.Maid uniforms are also popular for Cosplay. There are a vairety of places to buy them from, including Storenvy, Taobao, Bodyline and eBay. 


On of the things that makes maid cafes adorable is the menu. When you hear "Maid cafes" you might think of Omu-Raisu ("Omlete rice") which is one of the most known cuisines in maid cafes, they are usually decorated by a drawing and text in ketchup which the customer can choose. Besides Omu-Raisu cutely decorated food such as milkshakes with chocolate art (As seen to the left can be seen), sweet deserts such as cakes, Pafaits,  and even for those not fond of sweet food, Maid cafe's also offer curry's, Spagheti and a variety of other food. Drinks will typically be hot chocolate, coffee, tea and Cocca cola 


Maid cafes also offer  performances where they will dance along to Kawaii songs, usually Jpop (Japanese pop music) or songs from anime such as K-on. For example "Hapi Hapi Morningu" is usually associated with maid cafes. Some cafes also create there own music for example Maidreamin have there own special music which is usually heard from outside the cafe!The dances are full of energy, creating a fun atmosphere.  Maid cafe performances can also be seen on stages at Anime conventions, such as M.O.E ("Maids of England") performing at Hyper Japan 2014 in London. 

There are also rules to protect those who work at the cafes. These are the usual rules you will see:

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Have you ever been to a maid cafe? Or do you work in one? 
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