Kawaii Surprises Japan - Review

Today's post is a review of the Storenvy shop, kawaii-surprises-japan which sells Japanese candy and snacks, squishes, stationary and other Kawaii things. Click here to go to their twitter.

I brought the Pretty cure card and gum packet that has two cards inside (I somehow decided to start collecting cards) and a Sanrio lucky pack which you could choose your character (Hello Kitty, My Melody or Little Twin stars)

Stock photo's.

The lucky pack information says that there would be inbetween 5 and 7 items inside. 

My photo's

When I opened my parcel I found this inside.

Inside were a couple of free gifts. The little note is so cute with the Sakura petals and the little mount fiji. It added a cuter touch to it!

On the back was also printed with Sakura and taped down with Deco tape. 

The free gifts:

 Candy!  It has a strange colour though although it tastes good.

 Inside was a chocolate shaped like the picture on the wrapper.

Here is a picture of the chocolate inside.

The items I brought:

Besides the free gifts were the items I brought which were all wrapped separately with a rose patterned deco tape.

Once you take out the wrapper this is what you see. There were no damages which is good.

 The front of the cards packet showing some of the characters from the anime

 The back of the wrapper.

Inside were two cards. One was of Cure Honey 

The card has been printed with really good quality

The second card is of Aino Megumi (Cure Lovely) who is the energetic main character from Happiness Charge.

Just like the Cure Honey card, Aino Megumi's card is also printed clearly with no mistakes.

 The back of the cards are really pretty

The next part of the review is of the surprise pack. The character I picked was My Melody.

 The surprise pack came in a pink and white sealed party bag styled packaging.

Let's look inside!

 Inside I got a packet of Kuromi tissues, A piano paper clip, My melody candy, Stickers, a pencil and a notebook. A total of six objects.

 This was one of my favorite items from the surprise pack. The paperclip of Piano is sparkly which is really cute!

A packet of stickers. Good quality and cute.

A packet of Kuromi tissues. To be honest I do not see the point in these since its too cute to use.

A Japanese candy with Piano and My Melody printed on the wrapper. The candy is pink and tastes slightly like strawberries.

A My Melody notepad. The size is sensible enough to fit in your bag.

A punk My Melody styled pencil.

Here's a closeup of the My Melody print.

Click here to buy the lucky pack!

Overall scores:


 The lucky pack was $5.99. I could not find the link to the card pack on the store however the price was under $2. It took about four weeks to arrive and seeming it was Christmas time it was pretty good. 


The quality of all the goods are in excellent condition. There were no marks on the packaging or damages. 

Final verdict:

For what I got I don't think it was worth it for the price I spent all together to be honest. It's likely that you will get different contents to the lucky bag then me. 

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