The Hikaru Skirt - Brighten Up Your Outfit

The Hikaru skirt (Light skirt) is a unique, new design where LED lights are embedded in skirts. Offical tumblr. The skirts are currently not available to buy yet however click here to check out more of the Hikaru skirts. With a touch of a button, its also possible to change the colour of the lights. 

Since the LED lights can be turned on or off, you can turn the outfit more casual however if you turn it on at a concert, party or club, the outfit will come alive. 

The main reason is to make the “absolute territory” (zettai ryouiki) the area of skin inbetween the top of socks and the bottom of skirts, shorts, stand out. These skirts are sure to light up any outfit for any style. 

Moso Calibration‘s 7th single Mahou no Juice,  released on April 7th, shows the members wearing Hikaru skirts. The skirts bring a colourful, fun and unique feel to the outfits. 

Here is the video :

So what do you think of the new light up skirts? Comment below!

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