9 Fun Meet Up Themes

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Sometimes, a meet up can get quite boring if you're doing the same thing over and over - tea rooms & sushi are nice but sometimes you can get tired of them! Here at Kawaii-B we have composed a list of fun themes for meet ups; you can even theme your co-ords around them if you're feeling a bit uninspired.

1) Video games (e.g. Pokemon, Mario, Animal Crossing). Why not spend the day in an arcade playing fun games with your friends? You could make a lolita-inspired Princess Peach or dress in a Ouji style Mario outfit!

2) Circus. Most places will have some form of circus nearby, and it would be fun to have a meet there! Prints such as Starry Night Theatre could really work for a circus meet.

3) Animals. There are a lot of animal prints out there so this would be very easy! You could spend the day at a zoo, a farm, or a petting zoo, looking at all the super cute animals! Some lolitas from the UK actually had a meet where they walked alpacas - how fun does that sound? ♥

4) Toys. On our last meet, we took a trip to a teddy bear shop where they sold fancy, expensive teddy bears! You could wear teddy bear themed co-ords, with dresses like Innocent World's Night Bear or Bodyline's Balloon Bears and spend all your money on ridiculously priced bears - or for the younger at heart, maybe a trip to Build a Bear. *u*

5) Museums. Depending on where you go, your co-ords could ave many themes. Toys, royalty, military, animals.. The list is endless. A converted castle would be fabulous for a lolita meet - great for classical and gothic. Of course, it would be a fun place for a photo shoot too!

6)  50s. Prints like Fantastic Dolly or Drained Cherry would be super cute to make a 50s theme co-ord! ♪ You could go to a cute American diner or a ice cream parlour and stuff your face with some delicious food. ♥

7) Fun fairs. Day Dream Carnival and Sugary Carnival could be a hit here, especially with the ever popular  carousel rides that are at most fairs and theme parks. Magical Etoile would also be super sweet! ☆彡 

8) Alice in Wonderland. This one is quite an easy theme, but to make things more difficult and inspire those attending to be more creative, you could say no one is allowed to actually be Alice! You could either wear one of the many AiW prints or make a co-ord inspired by a character like the cheshire cat. This would be a great time to visit a strange tourist attraction in your town, like fancy gardens or mini cities so you really feel like you've travelled to a far away, crazy place! ♪

9) Aquarium. This would be the perfect occasion to wear AP's Melty Mermaid, or Krad Lanrete's Auralia print! Sea life centre, anyone?!

Photo credit: Krad Lanrete

That brings me to the end of our list today, however, we should hopefully have a few more up soon! I hope you enjoyed this article & thank you for visiting Kawaii-B! ♥☆♪ 


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