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Who can resist a pair of big, dewy eyes? And who wouldn't want eyes the colour of pop candy?

The use of circle lenses means all of your dreams can become a reality as far as your eyes are concerned; whether you want eyes like an anime girl, or a glare like the devil. But most wearers of these fashion lenses don't use lenses for any other reason... so what's the lowdown on these cool accessories from the East?

What are Circle Lenses?
"The circle contact lens, also known as a big eye contact lens and circle lens, is a cosmetic contact lens that makes the eye's iris appear larger. "a The trend became popular first in Japan, then spread to South Korea and China. Circle Lenses are now largely produced in these countries, and can be purchased all over the world. In Japan, you will find circle lenses appear in many magazines, as they are considered as a “Must factor” when it comes to make up. Models like Tsubasa and Super star Ayumi Hamasaki are circle lens wearers, and are famous for wearing bright circle lenses to make sure that their eyes sparkle in music videos.

What's the difference between Circle Lenses and ordinary Contact Lenses?

The diameter of  regular contact lenses are usually 14mm–16mm. Circle lens are usually no more than 15mm (diameter) since larger sizes would be harmful to the eyes with daily wear. When the diameter of the circle lens is described as 16mm or 18mm, this simply means the visual effect of the circle lens.

The main difference between the two types of lenses is that circle lens are not only tinted in areas that cover the iris (like usual contacts), but also in the extra-wide outer rim of the lens.  The result is the appearance of a bigger, wider iris that creates an illusion of larger, cuter eyes. The optical zone in the middle is transparent to provide clear vision. When big eye contacts first launched, they were only available in yearly disposable format, but as the trend spread, these lenses are now available as dailies, biweeklies and monthlies.

Circle lenses are also famous in its design and colorful selection where most of the common contact lenses are limited to 2-3 color per design, while circle lenses could have up to 8 colors per design.

Staying safe when choosing Circle Lenses

As with all contact lenses, you should be careful where you purchase them from. Here in the UK (and also in the USA), Circle lenses aren't sold ordinarily in stores, because they are not approved by our health and saftey standards agencies. This means they are only available to people by going online.

Make sure all your lenses are sourced from reputable manufacturers like GEO Medical, EOS, G&G, Dueba, Vassen and etc from South Korea. Any manufacturer should be able to prove they offer safe products through certification.

The main concern other than product quality is the size of circle lenses. Because they are usually quite large, it means less oxygen is able to get to your eye. Because of this it is advised that you never wear circle lenses for longer than 8 hours a day.

GEO Medical lenses are particularly good, as customers can check the authenticity of the lenses through the Geo Anti-Fake system, to make sure you’re buying authentic lenses. GEO Medical being the top manufacturer of circle lenses; enjoys the highest trust of Eastern as well as European customers, and it is the only manufacturer that has managed to qualify for USFDA certification. 

Using circle lenses is just like using ordinary contact lenses, and you should always follow the instructions you are provided with when purchasing. Remember to keep your eyes hydrated throughout the day and never wear them over night. Keep your lenses clean and moist as instructed by the manufacturer when you aren't wearing them. Also, only use circle lenses for as long as they are in date. Circle lenses don't last forever, and when they dry up, using them can damage the surface of your eyes. 

Toric/Astigmatism lenses?

Lenses for those with Astigmatism are available, but as with all other Circle Lenses, be sure to check where they have come from, and the authenticity of your product. Reading reviews and comments from customers is always a good habit when it comes to circle lenses for prescription too.

Final Tips for Buying Circle Lenses?

Circle lenses are lots of fun, and thousands of women enjoy wearing them in the UK but make sure to;

  • Check the quality of your lenses. Make sure they are authentic. You only have one pair of eyes!
  • If you have any issues with your sight, or the health of your eyes and you are not sure about using circle lenses, ask your optition.
  • Always follow the correct procedure for putting in and removing your lenses, as well as caring for them.
  • Search online for reviews - it's great way to find the best lenses for you!
  • Don't try to find the cheapest lenses, remember - you get what you pay for! 

Trusted Suppliers

PinkyParadise is so far the most reputable supplier of Circle lenses purchased in the UK. But remember to still check the manufacturor of the lenses you buy. PinkyParadise offer authentic GEO lenses, as well as a free contact lens case too.

Another great supplier is I-dollsUK, they are small UK based supplier who only take orders through their facebook page, who have great reviews, good prices and short shipping time.

You can also order GEO leneses direct from http://www.geocolouredlenses.com/

If you have any questions on Circle lenses, or indeed anything concerning Kawaii, make sure to suggest it to us for an article! Lastly, have fun, be safe and enjoy using Circle Lenses
And thank you for visiting Kawaii-B Uk!

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  1. Circle lenses didn't come from Japan. They were invented and popularized in South Korea before spreading to Japan and China. They were a large part of the ulzzang look since the early 2000's.

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