Review Time: Sugar trampoline

I'm finally able to present to you a review of a really cute shop run by fellow blogger, the lovely Teacake Time machine. Her store is based within the UK and is full to the brim with cute home made goodies. She too is part of the Kawaii-B UK Project, so look out for posts and updates from her and the other girls!
I purchased the Flower Ribbon Pink Canotier from her, and I fell in love with this product as soon as I saw it. I did have to internally wrestle with myself between both of these items but I decided on the berrette due to its cute yet elegant feel.
product: 5/5 - I truly love this so much, I try to put it with everything I wear these days, and the fact she turned it into a broach for me meant I can co-ordinate it better.
Here is a link to the sugar trampoline Facebook page: Here
Review summary!Shipping: N/A -Because I collected this product at a meet, so I cannot comment personally on the shipping.
Over all: I really love this store, I'm so lucky to personally know the lovely store owner and I can't wait to buy more from her in the future!
Here is a link to the sugar trampoline Store: Here
Thank you so much for reading this review!
This is Pastel Ophelia signing off, Bye guys!

Anyway, here is the super cute packaging!

Here is the super cute Business card,
although my door is dull, the card really makes it look more cute.

Here are some pictures of it worn (sorry for the derping)

Also you can the sugar trampoline stall at the Reading vintage fair from 12-5 on the 2nd of march 2014. If anyone is lucky enough to be in the area at the time you should definitely check it out. I hope I'll be lucky enough to go visit her stall and buy some more goodies from her.


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