♥3 Lolita Halloween Meetup ideas♥

It's only a few weeks till Halloween. The next Halloween themed post is featuring four Halloween meetup or party ideas that are perfect for Lolita's. Hope you enjoy it!  

Make the dress code Vampire inspired coords and decorate the meetup area (If you want/can) with halloween Vampire decorations or even anime vampires such as a nyanpire (An anime vampire cat) plushies. The colour theme is usually black and red for vampire themed partys. Vampires is an easy meetup/party idea. Black or red roses and coffin decorations makes good decorations. Here is an idea on decorations: 

Click here for the page where you can buy all of the above. 

Prints that match the theme

BTTSB have  brought out a vampire themed print called "vampire requiem" which easily fits in with a vampire theme with the darker colours, a gothic touch and vampire themed print.

Cross prints also fit into a vampire theme. Last year (2013) Angelic Pretty brought out a special Halloween print known as "Holy Lantern"

Monster high 
Due to their unique characters and clothing, Monster high dolls have slowly been appealing to more and more Lolita's, Take inspiration from Monster high and create Monster high inspired Lolita coords based on your favourite characters.Get the meetup attendees to create coords based on each character after organising them. A pink and black colour theme is usually seen with Monster high party's which will also go well with a bittersweet theme. Click here to see products you could use. 

If you own dolls from any of the doll lines you can use them to decorate your table.
If you want to have party bags at the end of your Monster high themed Lolita halloween party, then there are plenty of inexpensive monster high party supplies available from a variety of websites.

Prints that can match the theme
This Aqua Princess print from Angelic Pretty matches Lagoona Blue perfectly with the blue and sea theme such as mermaids. Match it will a blonde (Good quality!) wig ,black shoes and a black jacket.
This "Magic show girl" JSK by Angelic Pretty matches Frankie Stein with the electric blue, bold black points and white stripes. Pair it with a black sheer blouse and black shoes.
For Draculaura's theme go for a bitter-sweet look mixing Pink, Black and white. Her outfits usually consist of hearts or spots. For a more Draculaura look, go for a salopette or a skirt/blouse combo. Also add pink boots or pink tea partys. 
Go for a royal look with Marching Cutsew op in blue with gold buttons with show out Cleo De Nile's gold assets. Match it with some gold tea parties and a gold jacket and don't forget to wear a crown!

Mad Tea party
Take a darker stroll through wonderland as you host a very mad Tea party.

 Your guests can take inspiration from wonderland characters, creating a Lolita coord with a Halloween twist. For example a Guro Lolita White rabbit.

 For decorations it can be easy. There are countless places to buy Alice in wonderland party supplies. Whether your going for a dark or light wonderland, you can even add in white rabbit plushies, fake roses, tea pots and playing cards. Click here to see some Alice in Wonderland party decorations.

 There are also a lot of wonderland themed accessories and clothes you can use for a themed coord.

Prints/Brand pieces that could be used for an Wonderland Coord

For an Alice look, use a blue JSK or OP with a white apron other top for example the Wonder Cookie print from Angelic Pretty. 

For a Mad Hatter look, card prints fit the Hatters look.  And don't forget to top it of with a top hat! For example the picture above on the right is a good Mad Hatter themed Lolita coord.
You can easily make a White Rabbit themed coord with Shiro Lolita which you can find from a variety of Lolita brands.  
That's it for today's post! 
Are you holding a Halloween themed Lolita meetup/Party? What theme are you going with?  Comment below!

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