Lolita on halloween

Necklace: Aucomaic Honey, Jack skeleton, Middle= btSS, Rest: Angelic pretty

Happy Halloween!

trick or treat? It's not long now till 31st of October, also known as Halloween, the time of the year when bats, skeleton hands,Pumpkins and more creepy cue delights can be found. For today's post I will be giving you a few tips for wearing Lolita on Halloween and even some ideas about a Halloween themed coord.

 Halloween inspired coord!!!

Every day of the year,Lolita's are asked if they are wearing a costume so on the one day of the year it is important to wear Lolita as a fashion but not a costume. You can bend a few of the Lolita rules (As long as you still have the shape) If you have  basic Lolita wardrobe it can be easy  to create a Halloween  inspired coord. For Halloween darker colours are usually used however pastels can be used. 

Brand halloween products!!

♥Lolita brands such as Angelic Pretty and BtSSB often realize Halloween themed products such as the Angelic Pretty witch themed set. Last year AP realized Holly Lantern, an OP/JSK with a cross print. Halloween is a good chance to collect Halloween themed clothes and accessories!

Idea's for themed coords you can make from a basic  Lolita wardrobe:

Witch- just add a witch hat(And a wand if you want) to a coord
Vampire- Dark colours,a cape, Gothic makeup.
Cat- Just add (Good quality) cat ears to a coord
Red ridding hood
Alice in wonderland (Cheshire cat, Alice, White rabbit e.t.c)
Gloomy bear
Your favorite character (E.G. Minnie mouse)
Creepy cute

Creepy cute

Another idea you could do is create a Creepy cute OTTD. Creepy cute is a mixture of cute and creepy. A typical look could be a pastel dress, bone hair-clips,  

Halloween vampire
Halloween party
Minnie mouse
Lolita cheshire cat

♥Here are a few coord ideas found on tumblr 

Youtuber Hello-Batty has also just came out with a couple of halloween ideas:

Are you dressing up in Lolita for Halloween or going in a costume this year?What are your plans for Halloween?
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  1. OMG, u saved my Halloween, i am on lolita fashion for a year now and i was a bit scared to wear lolita as a hallowen costume to go to work (i will have to dress up for 3 days in work, how wonderful). I want to do the mad Hatter, i tried to look for clothes in charity shops, but i didnt find anything nice, than i looked my wardrobe and i have a BTSB dress that would go perfect for my mad hatter outfit, but i dint want to mix lolita and Halloween. So i came here to see this post.


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