Review time!: MaryVy handmade jewellery

♥Today's review is off two necklaces from the UK based handmade jewellery store MaryVy. So far there is no visible online store however I believe you can order by looking through the album on the link before and send a message to her to order. The twitter page.

  When walking down the Brighton High street I found a little stall selling Kawaii accessories including My little pony necklaces, Sailor moon necklaces, macaroon rings and more, and decided to purchase (It was hard to only choose two)

Here are both of the necklaces I got: 

The business card which was included:

First item is the White rabbit necklace

The silver chain is a good length

Closeup of the clock hanging down

The closeup of the beads and the white bunny. The rabbit is really cute! And pretty small which makes the facial features pretty impressive. 

Next is the macaroon necklace 

 This was the first thing I decided to buy. The design is a 34cm long silver chain with a pastel blue bow and a pink macaroon (A type of circular cake often found in pastel colours)  

 A closeup of the inside of the macaroon. 

Here's Mochi the Arpakasso who's the model: (She's 50cm tall if thats any help with seeing how long the chains are)

 Close up of the Macaroon necklace on.

Good designs
No marks
Easy enough to clip the necklace together
Good Chain

The Macaroon fell of a couple of weeks after buying it (Probably got squished by a wig monster)
High price for the wonerland necklace

The price of the Wonderland necklace was £10, which seems a little high. The other necklace was £5. 

The quality is almost perfect. There were no fingerprints or scratches. 

The designs are really cute. 

Thanks for choosing Kawaii-B! Your number one place for Kawaii in the UK!

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